The weirdest nightmare

This would easily qualify as the weirdest nightmare I ever had. (And some of my nightmares are weird to the point of becoming silly. Believe me, I’ll write about other weird nightmares on another post, probably.)

I don’t know why I had this nightmare in the first place. People talk about interpreting dreams. Well…Try interpreting this gibberish!

It all started with me driving in my car. The area was full of trees…lush green forest, and a highway wide and neat, but quickly disappearing into the foliage. Lots of coconut trees along the roadside. I was undoubtedly in Kerala, my native. (The Government calls Kerala as “Gods own country” to attract tourists. I’d say it’s beautiful, very beautiful.)
Wait a minute…It looked as if it was the way to my alma mater, NIT Calicut.

[Cut to building] (It happens often in a dream, this cut-to thing!)

This was a two-storey building. Roof was covered with asbestos. The building was very old, battered and out of place. I had never seen this building in NIT. Nothing from NIT was remotely near, although I don’t remember turning around to find which place it was in my dream. All I had was a perspective vision of the building.

[Cut to classroom]

I was probably in a classroom inside the building. No teacher was there. But the benches were filled with people. I saw a lot of my classmates and friends from college. I chatted with them for sometime. I saw one of my seniors who’s doing his PhD now in the US. I waved at him and he waved back. I was now convinced that it was NIT, when I saw some of my friends who were not from NIT. I was wondering what the hell!
I deduced that the classroom consisted of all my close friends. (This stands true until disproved!)

Suddenly I saw her. She was not as fat in the dream as she is in real life. She didn’t seem to notice me.
She was talking animatedly to my classmate X (Name hidden for anonymity), who, I’m dead sure, she has not met in her life. (I mean real life) Her voice was having the usual high-volumed-but-good-to-hear tone.
Anyway, his behavior was expected. He was one world-weary fella who was never tired of the company of women.

I approached her and asked smiling, “What are you doing here?”
She quirked her head towards me and replied, “Do I know you?”
It was time for another mumble of “What the hell” from my side.
He smirked at me.

Kahaani mein Twist (The Twist in the Tale)

Suddenly people began to shout outside. I heard shrieks, screams, hisses. Then I started hearing hard knocks on the asbestos roof.
Hailstones? But it doesn’t hail in Kerala.

(You thinking it’s a story out of “Day after Tomorrow”?? No. Keep reading)

I saw the face of the people in the room changing from wonder to fear. There was something serious happening outside.

(There’s one thing I would bring to notice. All the doors and windows were magically shut sometime before this. I don’t recall when.)

I ran outside and saw what was there….It was pandemonium…
It was not hail.
It was not storm.
It was not even rain.
It was snakes… Snakes were dropping from the sky.
The problem…they were very much alive even after dropping from what seemed to be the clouds.
People were around, some running for cover, some too shocked even to budge, some fiercely fighting the snakes with long sticks.
My first thought was to escape from that damned place with as many people as possible.

I went into the room to explain what was happening outside.

[Cut to a talk between me and my senior]

The classroom is now deserted and so is the area outside. We are discussing about how it rains snakes.

Senior: Actually the snakes are born in the clouds. The eggs of a variety of snakes known as “[I don’t remember the name he said]” are as light as pollen grain.
Me: So they go into the clouds through a system similar to pollination.
Senior: You can say that. These eggs are so light that they are carried by the water vapour to the skies. There they lay embedded in the cloud. And the most fascinating part is that these eggs need cold and moisture to hatch unlike ordinary eggs which need warmth.
Me: So these eggs hatch as snakes. And when these snakes grow too heavy for the clouds to hold them, they simply fall.
Senior: Exactly

[Cut back to filled classroom. Present situation]

I ran out to get my car. Snakes were falling all around me. One of the professors (I’ve never seen him, but he looked like a professor, you know? Absent-minded and all!) ordered me to go back into the classroom. I neglected him, and took my car. Some of my friends(including her) climbed into the rest of the seats. I drove as I used to drive in NFS…so delusively fast. Suddenly a snake fell on my car. The windshield cracked and the snake fell right on me. With a hiss, it plunged its teeth into my hand. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I wanted to wail….but I stopped dumbfounded.

I was no longer in the car. I was sitting up in my bed, a thick blanket covering my lower half.

(You think this was too abrupt an ending? Dreams are like that!)

8 thoughts on “The weirdest nightmare

  1. I watched “The Big Preview” of Goblet of Fire on HBO. That’s all. 😀

    I realised I was dreaming only after I woke up.

    Whether it had any meaning or not, it sure made me laugh afterwards. 🙂

  2. hey!! i see ur a big Harry Potter fan!! so am i so am i! movie’s releasing this weekend..can hardly wait to watch it!

  3. Glad to see another witch around 😉

    I was planning to go to Hyderabad to see GoF in IMAX, but had to cancel the plan 🙁

    I guess you reached my blog through Rahul’s.
    I will surely visit your blog when I get time off work. 🙂

  4. Am guessing that since preman was my classmate and not yours in college (all the best with him at office 🙂 ) , you must be referring to that antiquated , but still not so blunt and rusted razor….hehe razzin rehman..dude u have reason to call that a nightmare, if he’s talking to your girl.

  5. Wrong answer! 😀
    I said he is “world-weary”!
    Razin ain’t world-weary! He’s gung ho about everything in the world, isn’t he?

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