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This is a long pending tag (I almost wrote “pending CR”…CR for change request. Mind still at work place 🙁 ) from Ajith. 6 weird things about me. As several people have pointed out, I am a self proclaimed weirdo and chatterbox. So there should not be any trouble in writing 6 weird things about me. But actually, there is trouble. I see it now… Anyway here goes.

Weirdness #1
This is right at the top of my mom’s list of weird thing I’ve done in my life.

My mom was cleaning my room one day (not at all a mammoth effort as you may think. You’ll know why in this post itself) when she saw a list of endless names. At first she thought she had misplaced a marksheet of the students in her class. But actually that was a statistical study by yours truly. I was trying to study how many different people I can distinctly remember, i.e. relate the names to faces. So I had listed down the names of all people, friends, family, film actresses and so on. Anyway, this project was shortlived as I found out that the number people I knew was way too much that it crossed the limits of my hands endurance.

Weirdness #2
I am not afraid of snakes at all, unlike most people. I keep a distance, but I’m not afraid. I once was taking a shortcut which went behind my hostel block. I accidentally stepped on a snake. My friend who was with me was freaked out all day. I shoved it off as a trifle.
I don’t know why I’m not afraid of snakes when I’m afraid of lesser animals like frogs, mice, cockroaches etc.

Weirdness #3
I have a serious doubt that I have small amounts of short term memory loss. I sometimes forget things which I remembered about 30 seconds ago. Then I will have to come to my starting place (where I originally thought of that) and pull my hair for a minute to remember what I had thought of. This is a tested protocol. I almost never remember it if I don’t come to the starting place.

Weirdness #4
My mom says I’m far too outspoken.
My brother says I talk continously about unrelated things. (Called “Incoherent speech”)
My grandma says that my spirituality exceeds my age.
My friends say that I am a studious moron.

My dad says…well…nothing. He just enjoys all the fun from a safe distance.

Weirdness #5
I had problem of sleepwalking when I was a child. Later it reduced to talking while in sleep. Now it is almost gone. Some of the weirdest monologues which I uttered while I was asleep were:

  • Respected teachers, elders and my dear friends.
  • This is the plane and the force is applied perpendicular to it.
  • You really cannot understand my friend, but I know he is a jerk.

My mom has told me that I never spoke in language other than English while I was asleep.

Weirdness #6
I am kind of obsessed with cleanliness of some things. You can call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I don’t like my room in any condition other than spick-and-span. I don’t buy used books from roadside, because they look dirty. I ask my friends to wash their hands before touching my books, because they may make it dirty. I don’t like utensils thrown around in the kitchen sink and will wash them myself sometimes. I don’t allow my friends to put any non-vegetarian (which I consider unclean) item in my utensils even if they offer to clean it themselves later. They have to use paper plates. I even fool around when they bring some food item, because I suspect if they will take my plates for their food and the food will be non-vegetarian.

Open tag.. Anybody can take it (I’m lazy to propose names). Just remember that you have to comment in my blog after you wrote about your weirdness. 😉

9 thoughts on “Weird things about Weirdness

  1. Respected teachers! Hehhe..too many debates in school?
    And tht cleaniness part is ditto! I hate it if ppl mess up with the way I order things in my room too…though ur levels are legendary 😉

  2. 1,3,bits of 4 and 6- so many similarities that I have drawn in us after reading all about your weirdness.hee hee
    It’s long time since I have been blog surfing.
    Hope you are doing great
    End of the year is always packed with surprises and lots more weirdness.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year way in advance :))
    tc and Njjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjoy!

  3. @Upasna: That was the funniest part. I never was very keen in debates. And I seldom delivered a speech. Don’t know what made me say that..It’s a mystery.

    But the most freaky part was sleepwalking.

    @Maya: I don’t believe we are similar in #1. 😀
    Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Same to you too.

  4. u r obsessed with cleanliness? Glad to know that there are some bachelors in that category..FYI, I belong to a group of bachelors who were driven out of a house bcoz we kept it in a very neat way 🙂

  5. @Morpheus: Everyone has some amount of weirdness in them, don’t they? 🙂

    @Sanju: #5 is fairly common. One which I can’t forget is Rahul (EEE) waking up at night and getting dressed and taking an umbrella to go out. We seriously thought that he was awake until he took the umbrella. (It was neither sunny nor raining)

    @Ajith: Haven’t you ever visited my room in D hostel? You won’t ask that question if you have..

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