Weird… or something like that!

This time, I got tagged twice separately with the same topic, in hope that I will get around my writer’s block. But little do they understand that it is not writer’s block, it is rather a blocked writer. (Courtesy: Sanjiv)

Now to the topic of the tag. No points for guessing what the tag is about. It is the one which is doing rounds in the world of blogs of late – 8 Weird things. Now I had already written another tag with 6 weird things. It really feels weird to write about more weird things. Can’t the guys who create these tags be a bit creative, rather than giving old wine in a new bottle?

Anyway, here are the rules:
1. Write 8 random/weird/habitual/crazy facts. (Why is it 8? Shouldn’t that be random too?)
2. Tag 8 other angels, and force them to stop doing productive work and start tagging in their blogs. In short, stop them from having the devil’s workshop. (I mean “an idle mind”)
3. Bully, Coax, Plead, Cry, Whine or Beat the pulp out of them so that they take up this tag.

Without much ado, here I go.

1. I encounter nail-biting moments way too often. I bite my nails when my hands are idle. It’s habitual, but I think it is getting better.
On a serious note, please don’t hesitate to shake hands whenever we meet. I really don’t bite nails as much as posted above. That was just for the effect.

2. I have attempted going to gym 3 times, and stopped within 2 weeks every time. Lack of determination! I’m sure it is! First in my college. Second in my company. The third time, I paid to go to a gym outside, thinking that spending some money for this will drive some sense into my skull. But I ended up wasting my money. Now I can’t pay 8 grand and go to Fitness One. What if I waste that also?

3. I have almost photographic memory of names (and faces, if they haven’t changed drastically from the time I last met them.) That means I can recall their name when I see a familiar face.
I am decent enough in remembering numbers (Telephone numbers and so on)
I am really bad in remembering dates. I scored my least amount of marks in History in my 10th when every one else was scoring cent percent. Two weeks back, my friend told me that we had completed 3 years of employment (we joined on the same day). I asked him, “Really?”

4. I had chats in GTalk with at least 6 people on 20th Friday, which consistently started with the following conversation. (It started to freak me out after the 4th person)

Person: for?
Me: Harry Potter
Person: ok!
Person: 🙂

The reason was that I had given my status message as “One more day!

The freak show continued on 23rd Monday, when I had my status as “Falling into a state of depression 🙁

At least 4 people asked me “why depression?” (I mean the exact same phrase). I replied, “Last HP book!”

5. I and my brother used to fight a lot over silly things when we were in school. Fights meaning fist fights. We had managed to hurt each other several times. I yanked his head once during a fight, resulting in a sprain on his neck which he carried for one week.
He has stabbed my palm with a pencil once and the lead got lodged into my palm. Had to go to the doctor to take it out. My right palm still carries the relic of that. The list goes on. My mom used to cry that none of her friends’ children were as violent as we were and that we had a lot to learn from them. We used to respond that they should come to us and learn how to fight properly. Mind you, the fights were always for the silliest of the reasons.
As time went by, it became wise for me not to engage in a duel with him, because he grew twice as big and strong as me.

6. I rarely wear shirts. I feel more comfortable in T-shirts and polo shirts. I normally wear only 2-3 shirts which I’m extremely fond of. That too will generally be on top of a T-shirt and unbuttoned. The last time I remember wearing a formal dress was 2 years back when I attended the interview for my current company.

7. I have this annoying (to the recipient) habit of correcting the pronunciation of words spoken by my friends/family at the most awkward moments. Some of my most favorite corrections are:
– tuition is pronounced “tooishun” not “tiushun”
– queen is pronounced “kween” not “kiun”
– coffee is pronounced “coffee”. The o should sound like “aw” and not like “ow” (Typical of Mallus)
– elite. It is not “elaite”..It is “eleet”

8. The proven method for me to fall asleep is read a book while lying in my bed. I will fall asleep within two pages of reading while I’m lying prone or on my back, no matter how interesting the book is. Even Harry Potter has not been able to be an exception to this.

Okay. That makes it 8. Now the tough part. Tagging 8 people.

Upasna – I want a change for a change. Write something funny.
Dev – He claims he doesn’t even log into Blogger for months. My attempt to break that claim.
Kandy – Let’s see the dark side of the cool guy… my classmate in engineering.
Sanjuz – Gathering dust now. I won’t let your irrational thoughts rest in peace so soon. GET UP!
Max – Another one gathering dust. All wasted writing skills.
Dharmu – Recent addition to my blogroll. Bindaas girl, from whatever little I know.
– 2 Open – All those who felt dejected that I let you down by not tagging you, grab your chance. (Pssst… I’m sure no one will take this 😀 )

11 thoughts on “Weird… or something like that!

  1. Fist fights with brother..Interesting concept, but I have two younger brothers..So i better not go to them with this idea 🙂

  2. I am totally with you on the depression part. HP 7 – Its really an end of an era. I loved it, didn’t ya?:-)

  3. Of course, I did.
    There couldn’t have been a more fitting ending to Snape’s story. Snape is the best character in the HP series.

    In the end Snape was faithful to only one person, that was not even Dumbledore.

  4. hey thanks for taking up the tag…it was great reading ’em…liked the chat part…but never thot hp cud put u to sleep :D…n yea Snape’s the HERO…HP-7 will defnitely remain as one of the best books i ever read…

  5. U can save all the beauty-parlor bills on the manicuring 😉 Fighting with brother…. u guys must have been quite a handful!!
    As for reading any book and falling asleep, I am impressed!!!! 🙂 Sureshot way to fall asleep in boring situations.
    As for dates, oh I am horrible at it yaar 🙁 I have forgotten the bday’s of every person I know atleast once, including mine

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