Mysteries of the mundane

  • Why do I feel lonely in a crowd?
  • Why does every doctor have a handwriting which looks like a 1-year old trying to get nasty with a pen and paper?
  • How is the pharmacist able to read the prescription of any doctor, while others can’t read even one?
  • Why do I get angry for little nothings?
  • Why do I choose to be a pacifist for big somethings?
  • Why do I torture myself mentally for a fault which is not mine?
  • Why is it that I want to talk to my mother when I wallow in self-pity?
  • Why is my mother the only person I know who can bring me back out of the vortex?
  • Is it a gift or a curse to be unable to hate anybody?
  • Why is the world so ruthless?
  • Why do I want to live in a wonderland, and not come to terms with the harsh realities?
  • Why do I have the feeling that I’m not doing what I am supposed to do?
  • Why, then, is this feeling so fickle?
  • How do I find enough topics to talk for 45 minutes every other day to my mom?
  • Is there a meaning in another dimension to my idiosyncrasies?
  • Who am I?

5 thoughts on “Mysteries of the mundane

  1. 14 out of these questions rings inside my mind every time!! When I feel down, my MOM is the only person who makes me come over it !!

  2. it’s a good thing you can talk to your mom when you are feeling down. and that she actually makes you feel better. some of us don’t have that luxury 😉

    i have to go to dance practice right now – but i’ll gchat you after so that we can catch up!

  3. @Pavan: First time here… welcome

    @Renu: I actually love talking to your mother.. she’s like my cool aunt. She makes me happy. (plus I generally love talking)
    I was not arnd yesterday.. was out shopping. will catch up with u later.

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