Meet the Bloggers!

Let me start by saying this is one of the sensible tags I’ve ever seen.
Srijith threw an open tag, and it was hard to resist. It has even overtaken another pending tag that I have.

The tag is about the fellow bloggers whom I’d wish to meet in person. It’s a wishlist of bloggers. 😉

The problem is I have a very small blogroll (compared to people like Srijith) to choose from. And I’ve met most of the people in my blogroll. So, naturally, it would be a mistake to meet them again. Just kidding.. 😉

Actually, I’m too lazy to browse and find interesting blogs around. Consider this: most of my blogger friends became my blogger friends because they had commented in my blog in the first place, and I had reciprocated. Anyway, I’ll have a list of 5 here, not in any particular order.

Maya Cassis
I confess that her blog is the one which I visit most often. Her blog is one of the more recent entries into my blogroll. But her writing style and her ebullience has impressed me so much. Never sticking to one writing style, she still manages to infuse the right amount of charisma into her posts. I want to meet her to learn; “learn to unlearn”, as she says. Maybe we can exchange a few ghost stories as well. 😉

I know Sanjeev and have met him already. He was my batchmate. But I want to meet him again. I will punch him in the face and tell him to write proper posts. They are becoming one-liners of late.

For the records, I didn’t meet her in blogosphere. I met her in Orkut because of a common interest – Reiki. Soon she proved to be much more than that. A talented photographer, her photoblog is worth a visit. She has another blog, which she updates very sparsely. She has one of the most interesting and unique career paths. What’s more, she holds a doctorate!!!
I would consider it a privilege to meet her, for being the wonderful person that she is.

It was a chance encounter with Miladysa. I don’t know how she reached me for the first time. I visited her blog and liked it so much. She writes mostly about her family, and things that go on in her family. Her writing is so good that it makes a lasting impression. Today, she is easily one of the most loved bloggers of her friends. (I’m sure about that from the comments that she regularly gets, and the warm welcome on her return from hiatus.)
I’d like to meet her, with her family.
But the person I’ll be really looking forward to meeting, if I get a chance, will be the very smart and cute S, her granddaughter.

Srijith himself
There was one post in my blog which had doubled the incoming traffic in my blog – Fear of the dark. But only a few of the new fellows found a place in my blogroll. Srijith was one among them. His blog always radiates the analysing mind in him. He writes about various topics – his day to-day life, incidents arounds, thoughts and poems.

Actually, I want to meet all of the people in my blogroll. All of them are special. (That’s why it is a small list) But then this tag would be no good if I write about everyone.

I am throwing this as an open tag. Anyone can take it up. I want to expand my blogroll. So go ahead, tell me which are those blogs that I ought to read!! Do comment on my blog if you take this up, to let me know.

8 thoughts on “Meet the Bloggers!

  1. hey Deepak, I did not get time to rad any of your lates posts!! how many blogs u have now! jeeezz! keep one. easy t read and keep track 🙂

    am using this as a space to send a messgae across to u . email me your number and email address…I will get in touch with u when I come back to cvilization again. bye and thanks.

  2. Hi Deepak,

    Great work buddy. I sure would like to meet you too..! Or should I say come through the wall at the railway terminal catch the train to hogwarts.. 😉

    Anyway really nice to know these people.. and introducing them..

    Have Fun, Take Care and have a great day!

    With Best Regards,

  3. @Tanu: You need to keep track of only one blog. That is

    Out of the other 3, two are test blogs and one I’m planning to open shortly.
    I’ll block access to other blogs now that you told me.

    We surely can get in touch when you get back. Until then, enjoy in wilderness. 😉

    Srijith: Thanks man. As a matter of fact, I’m very much in the muggle world. 😀

    @Mallu films: Thanks. Do visit again.

  4. First comment. Nevertheless, been following your blog quite religiously 😀 Liked the spook tale one a lot. The one with a map and everything 🙂

    I’ve started blogging since y’day, and it’s fun.

    Keep writing!

    PS: And for HP, I stopped at Goblet of Fire. Never finished Order of the Phoenix, don’t know why!

  5. O, I’m a Keralite too. Among the few thousands who feel that the rest of the world should stop for an hour or two and take notice of Srinivasan’s movies! 🙂

  6. Wow! So I have some anonymous fans too.
    Good to know.

    Believe me. Blogging is fun. I spend a lot of time just for this activity. There was a time when I was finding lesser and lesser time. I had to choose between blogging and orkut. I chose blogging, and I didn’t ever regret.

    Spook tale.. I now started thinking that is the one key post in my blog. :p
    I have more spook stories in my bag. I will definitely come up with some at a later point of time.

    Thanks once again and keep visiting.

  7. ?? Why is it that everyone these days wants to either beat me up or see me languishing in the hospital being tended to and nursed by ~sigh~ beautiful nurses? .. No thank you.. after all “Too much of nectar is also poison” :D..

    Dude…go meet bush also 🙂

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