Journey – A 55 word story (Tag)

I had seen this 55 word tag hanging around for quite some time. I was wondering whether you really can write a meaningful story in 55 words when Upasna tagged me. And it was perfectly timed. I otherwise could not have written this story which has two meanings. One, of course, is literary in meaning. It happened to me only 3 days back. The other, less evident one, is about another journey. It is the result of contemplation.

The long asphalted road bewildered me. I’ve never driven in such heavy traffic. But I had to go. Nobody would help me.

I snailed my way through, dreading every meter ahead.
Green signal. Trucks around me. I couldn’t start. I was afraid. The policeman swore at me.
One last sigh!
I drove away… to eternity.

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