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On the quest of the Deathly Hallows

I’m falling into a state of depression. I can’t believe the last book of the Harry Potter series is out and I have already read it. I just can’t take the idea that I won’t get the chance to wait eagerly for the next book.

Being a faithful follower of Harry Potter, I won’t spoil any of the plots of the book. I thought I’d just mention how my day went on 21st Saturday.

I pre-ordered the book in the bookstore nearest to my apartment, obviously to reach home as soon as I bought the book and start reading the book. Unfortunately, the earliest opening time anywhere in Bangalore was 6 am. And, to my dismay, Crossword Indiranagar, where I was to get my book was to open only at 7 am.

So, me and KP decided to go at 6.15 am and wait outside the store. The others were not interested in Harry Potter. We left them to their pathetic life devoid of imaginations and fantasies. (Take no offence if you are reading this, guys, but your life is really pathetic, trying to spoil the plot to us with snapshots from a traitor which came on the internet on the previous day, and jeering and calling a spell casting as a mere stick rotation)
But typical to the nature of bachelors, we started off 15 minutes late. I was wearing my favorite Harry Potter T-shirt and shorts. By the time I parked my car near the shop, it was already crowded, with a queue of 30+ people. I felt a tiny bit of guilt for not showing my fidelity. I should have reached at 6. I should have been in the front.

That feeling faded away soon when the shop was opened and the first group of about 10 customers were let in. From then, it was a feeling of longing. A part of my brain even thought about gatecrashing, throwing the receipt to the counter, taking a book and running out. We couldn’t get in for another long 30 minutes.

I got the book, took a bookmark from the counter and started reading the book on the scene(until KP collected his copy and came outside). I was engrossed wholly in the book even as I walked towards my car. I heard someone call out, “Take your time, dude. You have all day to finish the book.” I grinned at the group of people sitting near the pavement, waiting for their turn to get inside.

We drove back, I parked my car in the most lopsided manner that could be possible and rushed to my apartment. I continued from where I had stopped. By 10.30, I had finished about 100 pages. KP, being a voracious reader, was thrice as fast as me. I skipped breakfast, and went for lunch only because I was really hungry. I even considered taking the book to the restaurant to read it while having dinner. I had already lost about 4 hours because I fell asleep afternoon after having a heavy lunch. Throughout the day, I was interrupted (to my great annoyance) by a number of phone calls. I never received so many phone calls in one day. It had to be this day! Sigh!

I finished the book at around 2am, had a quick browsing of the internet and started my reread. I won’t tell anything about the story, but I’d say this is one of the best books in the series ever. I’d say third best after GoF and PoA. The book is really fast-paced, and we are in the thick of the action from the first chapter itself.

Ecstatic though I am after knowing (or living, rather) how the saga ends, I also feel strangely depressed. It is as if someone has abandoned me in the muggle world and I don’t know the way to get back. My only hope remains in the two films that are remaining. Nevertheless, I can only feel grateful that I lived in the times of Harry Potter and Joanne Rowling.

Hallowed be thy name

I’m back to my favorite topic – Harry Potter.

Half of you might have guessed what I’ll be talking about from the title and first sentence.
Yes. It is about the disclosure of the title of the 7th book – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

If you still don’t know, the door in www.jkrowling.com opened once again yesterday to reveal a hangman game which gave the name.

It was like Wow! Jo is bloody brilliant! That was the thought that struck me, because I was reading Order of the Phoenix for the nth time of late.

If you remember the battle at the ministry between DA and death eaters, Harry instructs others to shatter the prophecy balls so they can escape. And we hear snippets of 2 seemingly trivial prophecies…

“… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man…
“…and none will come after…” said the figure of a young woman.

But Jo never writes trivial statements. Yesterday was December 21st – Winter solstice. At the solstice came a new (title)…Indeed.
The last one….None will come after.

Jo is so clever to put the easter eggs right inside her book. 🙂

Now, the name is interesting. Why “Deathly Hallows”?


  1. Of, resembling, or characteristic of death: a deathly silence.
  2. Causing death; fatal.


  1. In the manner of death.
  2. Extremely; very: The night was deathly cold.


  1. In pl[ural = hallows] applied to the shrines or relics of saints; the gods of the heathen or their shrines. In the phrase ‘to seek hallows’ [means] to visit the shrines or relics of saints.


  1. To make holy; sanctify; consecrate. “to hallow the name of the Lord.”
  2. To honor as holy; consider sacred; venerate. “to hallow a battlefield.”

We are pretty sure that “deathly” is an adjective and “Hallows” is a noun.
Does that mean that there are some relics of saints (or revered wizards) which are deathly/fatal?

(The following theory is Courtesy: Anu)
The Hallows across most legends are seen to represent the royal regalia carried by the King, or the objects sought by someone such as a ‘Grail Quester’.
The sacred vessels, or ‘Hallows of Ireland’ were believed to have been brought by the ‘Tuatha de Danaan’ (This is the Celtic name for Hallows).

The four hallows of the Tuatha de Danaan were developed in later traditions to be:

  1. The Pole of Combat
  2. The Sword of Light
  3. The Cauldron of Cure
  4. The Stone of Destiny

Now notice the connection.

  1. The Sword of Light – Gryffindor Sword
  2. The Cauldron of Cure – Hufflepuff cup
  3. The Stone of Destiny – Slytherin ring/locket
  4. Pole of Combat – Ravenclaw wand(?)

Deathly Hallows.. why so? Are they all Horcruxes?
A million theories erupt in my mind.
Let them erupt from you people also. Do Comment!!!