V Day or I Day?

Feb 14th.

No chocolate for guessing what is so significant about this date.

But I bet you would have guessed it wrong about the significance of today w.r.t. me (with respect to. Anyone remember calculus?)

Instead of getting a date, I got a phone call… from my parents. And they wished me Happy Birthday! A birthday that even I came to know of, only after the call. Before you get all confused, today is my birthday according to Indian Calendar. And because I don’t have an Indian Calendar here in US, I didn’t know earlier. Oh, I just love being Indian. You can have two birthdays per year!

Anyway, it came as a pleasant surprise, because I had absolutely no plans for today. Now I can celebrate, and not look like an ass slacking on Valentine’s day.

Also, I called my brother, and I talked to him like I talk to my mom – for 45 minutes. The only difference was that we talked about some subjects, which I never dare talk to my mom. It spanned topics like my theory about his craze for Telugu movies (His secret Telugu Girlfriend! Not so secret any more!), about our parents’ trip to Mettupalayam today, how to survive in the cutthroat world of office, my plans for Valentine’s day, his plans, and of course, Ram Sene.

  1. My brother didn’t know that my parents were going to Mettupalayam today. When he asked me why, I said in my usual fashion, that they were going to Black Thunder themepark to rediscover their childhood. He replied back with an impromptu punchline, “Paada Parambil keri Golf kalikkalle Mone Dineshaa” (Don’t play Golf in barren land. To understand what he meant, read this post, section 6.1)
  2. I told him how to proactively cut the throat of those who are planning to cut your throat. You can even mention that during your appraisal, as an example of how proactive you are.
  3. My plans for V-Day – Eat, study, sleep.
  4. His plans for V-Day – Eat, work, sleep when the manager is not around.
  5. My brother told me about Ram Sene’s threat that they will forcibly marry off any couple they see on roads. He was talking about how the mob was a bunch of sexually frustrated losers who wanted an excuse to grope girls. I couldn’t help but crack this joke that there may be gays in Ram Sene, so boys are not safe either. (I am sorry if this is insensitive, but this is how I will show my protest, because I can’t do anything about it from US)

So, because today is my birthday, I’m gonna celebrate it by ordering a pizza and the delicious Chocolate Breadsticks from Pizza Hut.

PS: I generally don’t talk about my Indian birthday outside, because it is strictly for family. But today was too much of a coincidence!

PPS: On an entirely different note, an important event occured yesterday, which will never occur again. At 6:31pm, the UNIX timestamp struck the value of 1234567890. But the trouble-seeker that I am, I accidentally slept across the iconic moment, and incurred the wrath of all UNIX enthusiasts.

4 thoughts on “V Day or I Day?

  1. Exactly. V Day or I Day! A whole lot of moronic things going on in the name of culture and what not.

    So you slept at the iconic moment? 😛 That was quite a figure.

    Happy Indian birthday. May you never grow old 🙂

  2. oh I love this, I also have 2 bdays a yr much fun, I can relate to tht…

    I have this theory about feb 14. Something exceptionally wrong has to happen to me on feb 12, so that I zombie my way through feb 14. Exceptionally wrong definitions are varied e.g. 1) fight with a friend 2) the guy i almost had a crush on is a jerk etc etc. So I always await feb 12 with much excitement 😉

  3. @Rinchen: Thank you. I find the idea of V-day itself moronic. Morons trying to shut down a moronic event. That’s how I see it.

    @upasna: *BOWS* So you feel excited about silly “bad things” happening in future! BTW, what does “almost having a crush” mean? You either “have” a crush or you “don’t”

  4. hehe bad things aren’t essentially bad na, they might be windows or doors to something nicer, I tell myself like getting rid of an “almost had a crush jerk” ;)… it’s a phrase I almost coined. If it doesn’t work then you get into hangups, like these. Or else, you just find “your” movie. This is fodder for a blog actually, hold on, I have more gyaan on this 😉

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