I haven’t blogged for some days now. Looks like the frequency is gonna hit an all time low once I get into my project. Not that it’s too hectic. But it IS somewhat hectic.

Now for the title. Strange was the feeling I had after I left Trivandrum on Friday. First thing, I was feeling sad and happy at the same time.
What the hell! Am I crazy or what? How can I feel two emotions at the same time? I came to this conclusion when two ppl asked me two questions.
Kishore asked me, “How’re u feeling now? Maone! (An interjection in Mallu) Last day in Infy!Excited about joining Motorola next week?”
I thought, “Of course I am.”
Ravi then said something about a final farewell treat. (I had to bear the expenses, of course)
Then suddenly Teena asked me, “Aren’t you sad you are leaving us?”
I realised that the curious feeling in my mind was that of sorrow because I was parting with my friends. The entire group of kidus and kidangals.
My mind browsed through my…our life in Infy Pune and then the reunion in Bangalore, like a careless hand flipping through the pages of a book.
I realised…that the 1 year friendship which blossomed during Infy training in Pune was worth more than the 5 year-old one with my batchmates.
I didn’t know why. But I knew it was there.
Life’s like that. You meet several people, good ones and bad ones. They play a major role in the drama called your life. They affect the paths you take. But nevertheless, your journey is solitary.

The second instance of strangeness came on my way to Bangalore from home. I kept on waking up several times in the stupid bus. (I din’t get a train ticket from home to Bangalore) I decided to stay awake when I passed in front of Infosys– my source of bread for the last one year. Nostalgic? Nah! I felt indifferent. I couldn’t believe myself. Indifference?? Why I felt that, I don’t know!
Back at home, I saw a shabby room in the place of what would have been an almost neat room (except for my books lying here and there). Still, I felt indifferent towards the guilty! Indifference in the place of towering rage. (That’s what usually happens) This, of course, was a welcome change in my attitude.

Evening was the time of anxiety.
Oh my God! I had to find a new apartment.
Oh my God! I had to get a decent car. Whether to go for a new one or a used one??
Oh my God! I had to find some gift for Geeta chechi’s baby. What could you possibly buy for a 28 day old??


PS: If any one has any tips for the last anxiety, pls help me!!

6 thoughts on “Strange!!

  1. You are trying to escape saying life is life. Defining life is difficult. But not trying to define and hence realise life is escapism. That’s exactly what you have done.

    Don’t go on saying “These are the harsh realities of life. You gotta face ’em”
    You have to find workarounds. Or ways to enjoy these “harsh” realities.

  2. *Tagging* in the blog sense is kind of synonymous to playing “Tag” (Hide/seek). Once the seeker tags you, you are supposed to help the seeker find the others.

    In the blog world, somebody starts of a chain w.r.t some topic and if he/she tags you , u can put up your own version of the topic. Mostly it’ll be stuff like 3 things you do, 3 books you like and so on.. You can tag others too…

    The problem is ..once people start tagging each other all posts are gonna look identical across different posts 🙂

    Hope this helped.
    check the entry for 22nd June.

    Too much of shuttling, ain’t it?
    Well! I’m in Bangalore once and for all. Joined Motorola. Yet to get my ID and all.

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