Sleepless in Trivandrum

The sleeplessness is not because I’m in love. Duh!
The reason for my sleeplessness is a contagious disease known as Acute Rhinopharyngitis which causes the inflammation of your Upper Respiratory Tract.
I had been clocking about 6-7 hours daily in Bangalore. Grossly inadequate, you may say!! But for a person who used to sleep from 10pm-1am and then 4am-6am during his college life, 7 hours of sleep is bliss.

I started “investing” more time in sleep when I came to TVM early this month. I used to sleep for 10 hours (Until yesterday!) Reason: I don’t have any (I repeat…Any) work in office. So I go late and come back early.

Why “investing” in sleep?
I’m a thinker, a dreamer and a wonderer. I wanted my brain to be as free as possible when I think. So my sleep regime is sort of a “disk cleanup”

Why no sleep lately?
Because of a nasty cold…(He…He.. you thought it was some serious disease, didn’t you? Acute Rhinopharyngitis is the scientific name of Common Cold). It has spread to my throat causing infection in my throat. My nose gets blocked when I try to aline my body in a horizontal posture. (In English, you can say when I lay in bed) I have to lay in an uncomfortable position so that I don’t suffocate: on my belly, straight and my head turned towards left side on a pillow. Poor me! I kept on waking up intermittently last night.

sssssomebody sssave me!!!

The bed is a bundle of paradoxes:
We go to it with reluctance, yet we leave it with regret;
We make up our mind every night to leave it early,
but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late!
Journey from your bed to bathroom every morning is the most grueling journey of each day!

4 thoughts on “Sleepless in Trivandrum

  1. 10pm – 1am and 4am-6am .. what the hell were you trying to do getting up so early?

    It’s working fine in Firefox now. Even the RSS aggregator. Good Job

  2. Its like I roam around D hostel till 10 pm. Then doze off. I suddenly wake up at 1 am. Go to MC have a tea. Then I start playing or coding or tinkering with my PC till 4 (The time when nature calls you again for sleep)

    Why I wake up at 6 am? I don’t know! That used to be my habit.
    But the funniest part was that I used to sleep at really odd hours. 🙂

    The problem with firefox was due to some incorrectly written Table tags. Guess I did too much of HTML manipulation that I messed it up. 😮

    What was the problem with RSS aggregator? I din’t do anything with it!!

  3. hi deepak,

    how did you change your blog banner? everyone in the world seems to be doin it and i cant figure out how 🙁 ….
    i would be thankful for any pointers…

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