Right is back

I am partially back in action. A successful surgery at Hosmat and I am back in Palakkad now, to take rest. But being the internet buff that I am, I couldn’t ignore the call of my PC and the internet. So here I am, typing with one and a half hands, a quarter of a bone less and 13 stitches in my inner elbow.

I had quite some revelations about my conditions as well as about some of my friends through the course of this recent development. First of all, this was not a cyst and was some other “benign lesion”. It was nevertheless harmless, because, well, it was benign. The doctors just removed the head of my radius bone instead of grafting a bone from somewhere else. That spared me another cut in my body. Anyway, I had my surgery on Friday, hand was on cast for one day, I was discharged on Saturday evening and a couple of the nurses were pretty.

I was feeling a little underweight because of the piece of bone which was removed, but it was quickly compensated by the weight of the minuscule facial hair which sprang up in a matter of 3 days. After discharge, I came back to Palakkad, supposedly to take rest, but I’m taking everything but rest here. That includes taking pills, taking occasional punches from my brother for bullying him and taking food with my left hand. I have become adept at eating with left hand of late. Guess it is only a matter of time before I become ambidextrous.

I got bored easily, watching the idiot box, so I decided to clear my backlog with mails and Google Reader. But I was flabbergasted when I saw the number of unread posts in my Google Reader. It was a tad less than 100 in 5 days. Now I have to work hard to read all those. Plus I have a pending tag.

Another important thing that I found out was who really cared about me. I found out that some people who I thought were friends, were not my friends, after all. Honestly, all that would have taken to show some sign of concern, was a phone call. I’m not whining here. I’m just thankful that there was one good thing about my condition – I could separate the wheat from the chaff.

15 thoughts on “Right is back

  1. Coming back here after a while 🙂 ..Get well soon 🙂 .. Btw, even with pretty nurses around , u got discharged in one day 😀 ?

  2. hmmm
    so u had cancer 😀 (dont take it personallly man…i like exagerrating things in cyber world :D)

    n could have without the description of the bone n stuff…

    n eating with the left hand is a wonderful experience isnt it…have been doing that for 24 yrs now 😀

  3. Deepak, i`m sorry i missed your previous post.. Glad to know you`re back home and recovering..!

    Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless.!

    With Best Regards,

  4. got late here 🙁
    great to know u r recovering and puting on weight 😛

    nice to see u keeping us updated 🙂
    cheers…hope to see u in full swing n action 🙂

  5. god! i am here after ages, only to know that you had a operation???

    glad that you are recovering and very glad that you commented on my blog first!

    wish you a speedy recovery dear. hope your left hand outshines your right one.

    er… nurses…are they always very pretty??? i need to take some care in that case…you know why?

  6. @raintree: Matter of fact, I did put on weight. (Who wouldn’t, if they have mom’s home-made food for a month!)

    @Dharmu: I don’t know whether nurses are always pretty. But I know that nurses are always Mallus. (Well, at least 90% of them) 😛

  7. somehow i hv always felt the opposite really…its easier to differentiate wheat from chaff in the opposite way…loads of ppl show care/fake it wen ur down, very few are happy wen ur happy…

  8. @milan: Yeah.. I’ll be back. (Like the terminator says)

    @Upasna: That is a different type of wheat and chaff.
    Lets say:
    1. ppl who are happy when you are happy and who try making you happy when you are sad – Real Friends
    2. ppl who care/fake it when you are down – Friends for the sake of it
    3. ppl who don’t even care to fake caring about you – Not friends at all

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