Own Goal

I know I haven’t posted in ages and I’m really sorry. I promise that there will be one in a couple of days.

Until then, keep laughing at this joke. This is a real “own-goal” cracked one of my friends under the influence of alcohol 😉 I think it will be a classic.

DAT: I am Don Corleone.

KP (with an expression of superiority and pride in his face, jumps the gun) : I am Michael Corleone.

DAT: Well, Hello, my dear son.

[Everyone else roll with peals of laughter]
[After some time KP realises what the laughter was for]

KP: Oh Shit. Bloody f***

4 thoughts on “Own Goal

  1. Whoever that anonymous SOB was, I don’t tolerate this kind of behavior in my blog.

    So I’m disabling anonymous comments.

  2. Oh..If others wonder what I was talking about in the above, it is about an anonymous comment, which I deleted.

    Why? Because this blog is Bloody Mine.

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