One evening in Pune

It was almost the Northernmost point of the world I was travelling to. (If you don’t consider one trip to Bombay while I was in 2nd) I was feeling okay. I could survive. Having studied in the multi-cultural atmosphere of REC, I spoke Hindi, albeit with a little stammer here and there.

After an eventless journey aboard the train, I reached Pune. The first day was in Naru’s brother’s home. The next day we moved to Woodlands. It was the last evening we would be unemployed (Because, the next day we would officially be “Infoscions”). We decided to roam around places that evening. The nearest hang-out was, of course, INOX.

We went there, walked around the theater complex.
Naru suddenly said, “I’m going to find a girlfriend.”
“You mean from this crowd?”, I asked.

We went to the ticket counter. “Gayab” was the only movie which had tickets available. (Please don’t feel sad for us =) ) We bought two. 45 minutes until the movie starts. We decided to go into Barista. Somehow, we weren’t interested in McDonalds.

“Vaa. Lets have a coffee”
But there was nothing by the name “coffee” in the menu. I knew about Cappuccino and Espresso and other stuff (I mean only the names), but had only tasted Cappuccino. Naru had no idea what these were. So I suggested Espresso as a bit of an experimentation. We ordered two Espresso and “waited and waited with bated breath”.

10 minutes after we got our Espresso’s, we came out. The cups were still full on the table. I swore never to drink Espresso in my life again. Such a bitter thing. How do people manage to drink it?

Outside, we heard some movie-ishtyle dialogues from a youngster. It looked like a car had hit him lightly in the driveway to the theater. He kicked the car, threw a stone and said to the driver, “Apne baap se bol ek plane khareed laane ko….aur us pe ch***”

Naru said with an evil grin, “Enikkishtaayi” (Means “I liked the whole scene”)

After some time, we got into the theater. I still don’t understand why we were desperate enough to waste 100 bucks on a movie like “Gayab”. But the fact is, we did waste the money.
10 minutes into the movie, I wished I had spent those 100 bucks for some food.

Halfway into the movie, there was a song where Antara Mali was showing her skin. I commented something to Naru. He didn’t reply. I turned to look. I was shocked to see him snoring in his seat. His face was pointed upwards and his mouth was wide open. If it was out in the open, it would have been the perfect target for crows to practise their shitting. In the middle of all this noise of the Dolby sound?? Unfortunately, I didn’t have a cameraphone to capture that once-in-a-lifetime scene.

Espresso in Barista – 50 bucks
“Gaayab” at INOX – 200 bucks
A peaceful slumber in the middle of a movie – Priceless

There are some things money can’t buy….for everything else, there’s Mastercard.

14 thoughts on “One evening in Pune

  1. hee hee that was fun to read.nothing like taking in a whole evening with a good friend watching a movie even if it was GAYAB!!! haaha I painstakingly sat throught the nonsense antara mali continued to bring out in the movie haha

  2. Naru suddenly said, “I’m going to find a girlfriend.”
    “You mean from this crowd?”, I asked.

    I dunno why, but I find this extremely funny. LOL.

  3. @Maya: Honestly. She calls herself an actress!!

    @Dev: Naru is very (in)famous for his sudden outburst of very serious sentences, which almost always will look out of place.

    @Chaos: Ha. It takes more than Antara Mali to make us drool. I don’t remember what I commented, but it was something like “Songs like these are for backup. The production can recover their money from these songs at least.”

  4. Naru is the same guy who was in Mininfy?..Sai’s friend?
    neway damn funny!! strangely enuf my Inox-Pune experiences hv always been abs fab!

  5. @Upasna: Yep. That’s the guy.

    I’ll post snippets of the rest 4 months minus 1 day in the next post, perhaps. It was fun all the way. 😀

  6. Yes, it`s true that we spent a lot of money on such outings.. I`ve wandered @ Prasadz IMAX at Hyderabad, and most of the times, the movie and the food or drinks..

    And about Antara Mali, believe me Deepak. you must surely be happy, that it was atleast Gayab. I had spent 100 buck to see “Mr Ya Miss” ( 2 hours of crap!!! )


  7. You again!


    its a small world eh? besides, i thought you were D.R. .. and nor D.I. … maybe D.I.R. ?

    just happened to pick a random name on Maya’s list.

    how goes it ?


  8. Got freaked out?? 😀

    I am D.R. officially.
    My father is R.I., but my parents made my surname as R instead of I.
    So I can also be called D.I.

    @Others: If you didn’t understand anything, never mind. 😀

  9. i guess u liked the girls at pune. its a complete cosmo wid gals n guys frm all ove india.
    poor u going for gayab ?
    u shud hav gone to FC Road or MG Road or somethin
    Nyways next time u wann come let me know in advance
    u wont hav to be at places that r not happening

  10. hey
    wow one whole year. thats so cool.
    nyways nice blog uve got. hope u write many more articles dude

  11. That was not me!

    What I like about Pune is not the cosmo culture. It is the fact that it is a very beautiful city and the people there are really really nice.

    Of course I have visited FC Road numerous times. But on that eventful day, I had nowhere to visit except Inox.

  12. It might be a bit odd to post a comment almost 3 months after the post.but I read it only today…

    nice ending dude…I liked it…and dont ever bother about the Rs.150 u spend that day..I have spend a large part of my salary in INOX and E-Square for two years…watching those stupid bollywood movies…

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