The metamorphosis of life

I change my blog theme very often, right?? It’s not thematic to be exact. It’s not diverse either. I guess it is piece-wise thematic (Tech guys, Please bear with my PJ. Others never mind). I wrote this because I created this particular blog to add some more to my college memories which has been my latest theme.

Well here goes!

My daily routine while I was in school.

  • Wake up at 8 am
  • Finish all the morning chores by 8.30
  • Breakfast at 8.30
  • Go to school by bicycle at 8.45
  • Be a good boy at school, study hard.
  • Come back immediately after school.
  • No going out, no hanging out with friends, absolutely inside home in the evening, watching TV or reading books or studying or playing carroms all alone.

My daily routine while I was in college (NITC)

  • Wake up at 9.30 am (Classes start at 8 )
  • Go to Mamachan’s, the one hotel for breakfast.
  • Go to periods 3 and 4. (10.15 to 12.15)
  • Take lunch at Chechi’s.
  • Go back to hostel and sleep. Skip afternoon classes unless it’s a lab hour.
  • Go to play Tennis or Basketball at evening.
  • Come back, have a bath, and go for dinner at Chinese Corner, Lovely Foods etc.
  • Roam around the hostel blocks visiting buddies and almost killing them with my blah blah which is like a car without a brake.
  • Return to my room around 11 pm. Start my computer and start playing UT or Age of Empires in the LAN we set up.
  • Play till 1 pm.
  • Go and have a tea at Vinu’s. Friends have a smoke too.
  • Come back, play again.
  • Go to sleep at around 3 pm.

My daily routine now

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Cook some breakfast at home
  • Go to office at 8.30 am
  • Work, work and work till evening.
  • Come back exhausted.
  • But still find energy to prepare some dinner. There’s nothing like good home-made food.
  • See some movie at 9. (HBO, Star Movies, or some Tamil/Malayalam channel)
  • Sleep at 12 am.

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