Like it… and not

I like…

  1. cracking really good (or bad?) PJs (poor jokes a.k.a. pun)
  2. people who really make some impact in the world whether in a large scale, or in grassroot level
  3. talking to people
  4. listening to people who talk and are ready to listen back
  5. the fact that I never hold grudges
  6. when I always give people a second chance to be good
  7. people who are open to the possibility that their religious principles may be imperfect and needs constant tuning
  8. smell of fresh rain
  9. free hugs (or “Jadoo Ki Chappi”)
  10. to wear seatbelts
  11. to drive fast and safe
  12. cryptic crosswords
  13. Jennifer Aniston
  14. anything made of potatoes
  15. spirituality
  16. knowing more about cultures around the world
  17. movies
  18. the sheer beauty of life

I hate…

  1. when someone asks, “So why don’t you tell me a PJ?” PJs have to come spontaneously
  2. candlelight protests which don’t seem to convey anything useful to anyone
  3. introverts who don’t open up even after I try hard to include them in a conversation
  4. people who boast
  5. when I have sudden bursts of anger
  6. when people don’t give me a second chance to show that the angry me is not the real me
  7. people who are narrow-minded with respect to religion
  8. smell of Chinese soy sauce
  9. any kind of formality at my home
  10. when people break traffic rules
  11. sitting on the other front seat when someone else is driving
  12. riddles
  13. Aiswarya Rai
  14. anything with Coriander/Cilantro added in it
  15. materialism
  16. when people have a very cliched view of my culture
  17. killing sentient animals for food, sport and vanity
  18. Cricket
  19. people who don’t know how to value life

This list will keep growing.

5 thoughts on “Like it… and not

  1. 1: Aishwarya Rai is a smart woman, I’ve always felt men who dislike her are male chauvinists who can’t accept that a woman from Bombay with no background in the film industry, could so easily conquer the world with her beauty and charm (and manipulative mind maybe as my dad puts it)

    2: “Any kind of formality at home” is related to “people who are open to the possibility that their religious principles may be imperfect and needs constant tuning” – I am just curious. Just to know, I feel you’re agnostic- wild guess, want to know if I am right.

    3: about candlelight protests- well I feel they do make a difference, its silent protest, sitting in the US, you can’t change what’s happening in India but protesting from here shows we aren’t OK with anything and everything and that we will change things if we have the opportunity to do so!

    4: I hope you don’t mind people who challenge your views! else add it to the list and i’ll be careful next time πŸ™‚

    1. 1. Aiswarya Rai is smart. It was a little careless of me to put her there and contrast with Jennifer Aniston.. I only meant to say that most men are crazy head over heels about Rai, but I’m not. I sincerely think she doesn’t belong in the film industry because she can’t act to save her life.

      2. There is no superficial relation between the two. I just like better, the people who don’t follow all the “etiquettes” but are still nice.
      Secondly, I’m not agnostic. I’ve treaded that path and am very much a believer in God. But my belief system is close to Hindu Pantheism. My principle is simple – question all the beliefs that you acquire, and find the better one.

      3. Sitting here, you can’t change anything in India. That’s true.. But candle light protests is only a way of convincing *yourself* that you are protesting.. it doesn’t prove anything to others. Heck, I wonder if anyone outside of Raleigh even knew about our candlelight protest in NCSU for the Mumbai bombings.

      4. I would be a hypocrite if I mind people challenging my views.

  2. 1: The movie industry(bollywood I mean) is not a lot about acting πŸ™‚

    2:Hindu Pantheism- has to be… πŸ™‚ Iyer boy after all πŸ™‚

    3: I agree.

    We shouldn’t generalize candle protests though.

    4: Good!

    1. I like some of ur PJs but some of them are really crazy. I respect genuine sense of humour. You have talent for that as well, as some of the blogs show.
    5. yes, you don’t. πŸ™‚
    7. same with me. I respect tolerance as much as I hate intolerance.
    9. Same with me!!!
    13. I find her quite ordinary.
    5. I guess you have improved a lot.
    9. Formality as in…? I personally love family socialising.
    10. Oh yea, u see that a lot in Hyd. Drives me nuts.
    13. So-so.
    14 I like coriander
    17 I, though a brahmin , am not so against killing sentient animals for food. I consider that as a very low priority when I think about the habits a brahmin should have.
    18. I used to love cricket. Now less. But having understood test cricket, I think it is a great sport and has many specialities which most other sports do not have. I believe your grudge against cricket is also because you are not a person so inclined to enjoy sport. Cricket wastes a lot of time for some ppl, but then sleep, movies and other sports also waste time for others.

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