I live…

to push those Saint-Gobain ‘pull’ doors…and to pull the ‘push’ doors…and to bang my head into the automatic doors. Actually, when it’s not intentional, i just suffer from mental inactivity…and by the time i figure out if i should pull or push the door, or whether there is a door at all there, some nice chap will have opened it somehow and walked in…or out…or whichever…DAMN!

I added automatic doors to the list today. It happened that I was talking on my cellphone when I reached the door. Whether I thought the door might open before I cross it or forgot to notice the door (automatic or not!), I banged headfirst into the door. Not that it was malfunctioning. It just was a little sluggish for my walk. The result – nothing happened to the glass; thankfully the impact was not huge. A whole lot of things happened to me. A couple of girls chuckled at me, covering their mouths. I became the butt of jokes at office.

Why does this happen to me? Why me, of all people? I guess this question is irrelevant! I don’t want an answer to this question because I believe…
I believe that everything happens for a reason: from the problems I have in office, to the embarrassments I had had because I was careless enough to disclose my personal life to somebody, and even the tiny itch I’m feeling right now. Every littlest thing has a reason for its occurrence. Perhaps I haven’t found or figured out the reasons, but I think I get an inkling.

This is what I am. I can do only one job at a time. No multitasking possible, although the one-job-at-a-time will be done considerably faster. If I talk to someone when I’m roasting a Dosa, I will talk on end to get the charred remains of what might have been delicious food otherwise.

Sigh…Somehow I wish I had a time-turner…To go back just one day…and I would choose to live it all over again…just so I don’t have to step into the threshold of today…err…not because it was my slackest day

Or is my wish right? I could very well add this bit of lesson to my future rather than delving deep into my past and mortifying myself.

Then why don’t I do it? Words are easier than deeds!! God save me!!

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