CV Sesha Iyer
Born: 1914
Died: 5th July 2006

It is curious that all the great moments you had with and the great things you’ve heard about a beloved person flashes in front of your eyes when you part ways with that person.

The great family tree spanning 17 generations that he had made and had memorised in his mind.
All the great stories he told me about the independence struggle in which he was a part of.
The time when he once fell down while crossing a creek with me on his shoulders as I was a kid.
The time when I once made him run from street to street because I wanted a lollipop and no other candy in the world.
The moments when my mom narrated the way he brought them up using only his wits when they were almost bankrupt.

My grandfather said goodbye to the mortal world after living a great 92 years. He was lucky that he breathed his last on the laps of his son.

I called my Grandma to console her, but it was me who broke down into tears.

Dear Grandpa, you may have bid adieu to the world. But you will remain in my memories till it’s time for me too to go. I will always remember you as the most indefatigable person I have ever known, and a doting grandfather.

I won’t weep now…I won’t ask you to rest in peace…because I know you won’t rest…I know you will be busy even when you are with God.

After all, for the prepared mind, death is but the next great adventure.

10 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. awwwww…
    sorry to hear about your loss…
    Take care, and hope all that you’ve learnt from your grandpa would lead you to great adventures of your own!

  2. Hi Deepak, Sorry about your grandfather. Like you said, I realize for the prepared mind, even after death there is adventure.
    My Condolences.!

  3. Hi Deepak,
    I just read this post. Your writing reflects thoughts that are deeply philosophical. The piece about ‘…resting in peace …” was very touching and thoughtful. Thanks for writing about your grand father.

    For those of you other readers, I am the ‘son’ mentioned in Deepak’s posting.

  4. Call it premonition or something..I felt it was you the moment I saw the sender name as Ram in my email notification.

    Thanks for the comment.

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