Arrgh! Not another Credit Card Call

Couldn’t help remembering this funny incident while I was in Infosys Bangalore. The trigger for this is Sanju Baba’s blog about Credit Cards.

I was going down the elevator in my office when the elevator phone began to ring.
I picked it up.

Anonymous: Sir, I’m calling from ICICI Bank. Do you have an ICICI credit card?

Me: (What the hell?) Ma’am, do you know which place is this?

Anonymous (With a doubtful tone): Why? It’s Infosys,isn’t it?

Me: You’re absolutely right. But the problem is that you have called up into a lift.

Anonymous: *Beep* *Beep* (Means, she hung up without much ado)

2 thoughts on “Arrgh! Not another Credit Card Call

  1. Hey dude, thanks for the publicity. I just wanted to bring to your attention, that ur template has problems loading in Firefox. Even the RSS feeds does not seem to be working.

    But It looks great in IE.

    hmm.. Is Narayan the same old guy from college or is it somebody from outside college?

  2. Thanks for notifying me. I made some necessary changes. It now seems to be okay. Just check it out!

    And regarding RSS, what is the problem?
    Is it that the latest blog doesn’t come up in the aggregator?

    Regarding Narayanan, yes, he is the same old batchmate (My classmate)

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