Wake up, Babble, Good Night

Whenever I start posting nowadays, I’m reminded of my friend K who was a king of sleeping in class.
There was one incident in college that is so mirthful that even today my ribs will be on the verge of cracking due to uncontrollable laughter, when I think of it.

In a particular lecture, K, being one who loved feigning attentiveness, was in the front row, center. I was somewhere in the second row in a corner. (because I didn’t get a seat in the prestigious LLB; (League of Last Benchers) I was too late) Midway through the class, I noticed that K was sleeping with his mouth open. (That too in the front row). It was amusing the way his head was bobbing, his hooked nose drawing doodles in thin air. After a few moments, gravity got the better of his subconscious head, and his head meandered too far to the front. He woke up, startled by the sudden jerk of his head. Then, to hide his embarrassment, he started making some fake calculations in air using his index finger. This was followed by an expression of comprehension of some higher realms of the concept being explained on the blackboard.
But before I could blink my eye, he was back into his slumber; his index finger had stopped in mid-calculation and was up in the air, pointing towards the blackboard. His head was bobbing back and forth once again. An uncontrollable fit of laughter erupted inside me. I tried to curb it, but hey, it was uncontrollable, wasn’t it? It resulted in a weird noise, which was more like an elephant’s trumpeting.
“Yes? You have any questions?”, asked the lecturer.
“No sir. It’s just my..er…cold.”

You might be asking what this has to do with my blog. My blog is quite like K, don’t you think? I go into hibernation, then suddenly a babble comes out as a post, then I again go into hibernation.

9 thoughts on “Wake up, Babble, Good Night

  1. err…i was imagining while reading n now ROFL.
    simply tell u r lazy instead of complicating this wid things lik K factor

  2. well, it reminds me of my starting days in Job.when after lunch, my always wish of having a bed in my office and taking a nap…

  3. I used to listen to Music in my last year of college the previous years i was mostly out of college. But the last year was fun we were 14 in a class of 100 and studing botany. 🙂 Mak\jored in botany but just had a fun time actually…

  4. This is ur space right? Come and go as you wish! And when u have something to say, there’ll be people to listen:-)Ur blog is proof enough!

  5. @Paro: Came back.. I guess I’ve again gone to sleep.

    @Rakesh: Nap at office… Irresistible.

    @Lavanya: Thanks for the kind words 🙂 :p

    @Maneesha: Done!

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