The Second Coming

Finally… (It didn’t come out right, let me say it again)

Finally… (One more time)

FINALLY… The First ((The First = Me. But you already know that!)) has come back to Pensieve 2.0!!!

8 months.. 8 long months… That’s how long it has been since The First made his appearance here. This was not a sudden decision to come back; in actuality, I never intended to abandon my blog. But I had been through a lot lately, and my life seemed to go in a downward spiral. Blogging was possibly on the lowest echelons of my priorities for quite some time. What is the point in letting the world know what disappointments you have, right? Anyway,  I have absolutely no idea how I’ve been able to hang on to my self-worth after all I’ve been through. But I have hung on (with the help of some amazing people who have given me the needed moral support – my uncle and aunt, my parents, my brother, and what would I have done without you, my dear V6?), and I am thankful that I am strong enough. Now that my life (or whatever I think life is) seems to have started falling back into place again, I knew it was time to get that old mojo back!

The works for the comeback started a month back. However, my blog was somehow still a low priority, and I kept procrastinating. Fortunately or unfortunately, the push I needed came over the span of last couple of weeks. I have so much to say, but no one is listening to me. My blog is there exactly for that – to hear my rant any time of the day, any day of the week. It is probably wrong of me to expect that from a real person. Second, I always have needed a person (or an inanimate object which will reach out to more people) to talk my heart out to. Don’t worry, I won’t whine. I will hide my insecurities by being funny. (I go with the people’s opinion that I really am a bit funny)

Perhaps, I won’t see my problems when I am mad as a hatter. I will keep myself dumb, and tell people, “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!”.

(On second thought, it does, so please comment!)

So, from now on, I will be searching for that old self who is crazy as hell. Right here! Let me try being a free bird once again. Just for the heck of it.

More fun to come soon… but if ya smelllll… what The First is cookin’!!!!!

5 thoughts on “The Second Coming

  1. I love The Rock. He is awesome. I love the fact that you are back too. This was really inspirational. I should be doing something similar. Since when did we get all so quiet?

    We should make some noise! WELCOME BACK, DEEPAK!

    Happy you are back.

  2. @Srijith and @Poornima: Thank you. Got a lot busy with work for the last 2 weeks. I will try to make that promised comeback.

    @Rinchen: You got quiet because you didn’t want to miss all the noise that Leezum would make, for anything. I got quiet because suddenly you (and a whole bunch of other awesome bloggers) got quiet and there was no one to inspire me 🙂

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