The Pensieve Redux

Lads and Lassies,
Presenting the new face of “The Pensieve”. A new face calls for a new name too. I call it “The Surreal Me”, because I think of myself as a unrealistic dreamer.
As they teach you in mathematics, i is not real. This holds true for the I that I am.

I have migrated to a personal domain, and was simply lying that my blog was dead. In some way, that was true also. “The Pensieve” is dead. And “The Surreal Me” has risen from its ashes. At least three people fell for it. Rinchen even went so far as to send me a Facebook message demanding an explanation. 😀
I started the buildup from the comments two posts ago ((My new year resolution was to celebrate April Fool Day 4 months earlier :P)). I must apologize to Ajith for having used him as a bait for this. Apparently, an offhand comment will not stop me from writing. (I say “apparently” because I myself am not sure. That conclusion is purely empirical.)

Anyway, I did give some clues:

  1. I said I may change my decision next year.
  2. I took the Blue Pill. Those who have watched “The Matrix” several times can say that by taking the blue pill, you remain in wonderland.

A few words about the transition. I have redirected my earlier blogspot address to here, so that won’t be a problem for the time being. The links won’t be broken. But I would appreciate if you can update your blogroll with the new address. The URL is and the Name is The Surreal Me. You don’t have to worry about the feed. I still use the feedburner address for this. But it is better to cross-check. The feed address is

Once again, thanks for being amazing readers. And please do comment on my future posts.
Finally, thanks to my good friend and classmate since 8th standard, KP, for suggesting the wacky punchline.

7 thoughts on “The Pensieve Redux

  1. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year! :]

    [I will update my blogroll just as soon as I have finished trying to work out why the ‘flooble boxes’ on my template will not collapse!]

  2. Whoa! What a way to start the year 😀

    Let me have the honor of being the first reader to comment on the redux version! Good luck, and happy new year 🙂

  3. man where is the CAT called Tinku, I am still to read was too long…socha baad mein padungi…
    the current look of your blog looks BORING…am sure u will add colors to it…with time…chal will see u around..I see a archived tab, hopefully the cat is there 🙂

    chal have a great year ahead…

  4. @Miladysa: Thank you

    @Prasil: I’m sorry, mate, but you just missed it. You came in second. Blame the comment moderation that I enabled. 🙁

    @Tanu: The post is very much here. You have to scroll down or look on left side. And, yeah, I will change the look in the days to come.

  5. Well well well… so someone also decided to have an early April fool’s day 4 months in advance! Although I am more relieved to see you continue your blog than realize I sent you that useless Facebook message for nothing 😀

    Congratulations on the personal domain. I like it. Oh, you can always fine tune the presentation as and when. Do keep blogging and happy new year!

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