An Air of Niceness

I was wondering how niceness is so similar to air.

21% of the people are not nice.
Similarly, 21% of air is Oxygen, which is not very pleasant to breathe in it’s pure form.
78% of the people fake niceness.
78% of air is Nitrogen. Nitrous Oxide, which contains Nitrogen, makes you look like you are laughing, but you are not actually laughing.
0.3% of the people are real vermin trying to poison your mind.
Just like the 0.3% of Carbon Dioxide in air, which is actually poisonous if taken in high quantity.
The rest are the truly nice people.
Like the trace gases. They are not very easy to find.

We need all these kinds of people in the right proportion to survive.

5 thoughts on “An Air of Niceness

  1. How interesting! Especially about nice people equating trace gases.

    My portion of vermin’s overflowing at 0.3% I think 😛

    But you’re right – we need all kinds of people to survive. Even the idiotic ones (I could most certainly do without)

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