Who said I couldn’t write verse?

Well. I did!
But looking back, I have to take it back. I see I can write. (Some people don’t like it because it’s not poetry in the right sense. But what the heck! That’s the maximum I can do!)

Here’s a snippet of one of my old posts. You’ll see the complete post here.

…The panda, as if reading my mind, started…

Why worry about the name of the dame,
When you still don’t know the name of the game,
You are lame coz you can’t take aim,
The guns, you can’t blame, it will be a big shame,
Why go after the dame who came,
When I am there, who’s so tame,
You’ll get it all the same,
And ‘t will be your claim to fame.

Then, without warning, he jumped on me. He clutched me tight however I tried to get rid of him. Even now he’s clutching me from my side. I say, “You’re not a Koala, you’re a Panda, Goddamnit!!”
Oh dear!!!

What happened to the quest of the stone??

Away went broken, the dame
And as she went, she proclaimed,
I will avenge you, O my flame!
The stone she found is now critically acclaimed!!
I lost the stone and the fame and the dame,
And I got an idiot who says he’s tame.

6 thoughts on “Who said I couldn’t write verse?

  1. 🙂 Pretty good poetry, Deepak.. I`ll call any expression of art through words, a poem.. I like these lines.. Sparkling with rhyme and fun.

    With Best Regards,

  2. Thats a lot of imagination running wild…! I happenned to read the original post and love all the stuff you’ve put together…:-)

  3. @Sasi: Why exactly? 😀
    @Lavanya: Running wild..yeah. That’s what happens when you have to make an impromptu weird story.

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