I think I have a sense of humour. It’s just that some people call it good and some people call it bad.
Sometimes I crack the lamest of jokes (Yes I know!) but you should give me some credit, because I have had the history of humiliating other self-proclaimed PJs by simply dominating over them (whenever I’m on a roll, that is).

So, just for the record.. just to prove that my jokes are actually good.. just to make you regret calling me a bad joker.. here’s a mashup of bad jokes, good jokes, puns and (as some people call it) being a jerk, which I cracked out of spontaneity, and can now recall.
I am so sorry folks, but you unleashed this onto yourselves. You called me bad.

Note: Some names have been changed for anonymity, or because I had no idea who that was.

ARN: Kate is hot. But I think Megan is hotter.
Me: Yeah… Megan is like Kate in an oven.

DAG: I just had 2 shots of Vodka and I got high.
PS: What? It is not called “getting high”. You don’t get high on drinking alcohol.
Me: Yes you will. If you are on the second floor while drinking, you are about 10 feet high above the ground.

Me: Why do we have smelly feet and runny nose? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Me: There are two types of Bengalis in the world – Sen’s and Non-Sen’s

Me: I think the Danish people actually immigrated from West Bengal.
ARN: Why? (Making an expression of regret that he prompted, the very next second)
Me: Because everyone’s name ends with a Sen in Denmark.

Me: Women make men complete! On second thought, Raymonds suit also does!

Ge: ഞാന്‍ പിന്നിട്ട വഴികളിലേക്ക് തിരിഞ്ഞു നോക്കുമ്പോള്‍
Me: നിന്നോട് ആരാടാ വഴിയില്‍ pin ഇടാന്‍ പറഞ്ഞത്? അത് ആരുടെയെങ്കിലും കാലില്‍ തറചാലോ?

That’s all I can remember now. I hope some of you enjoyed them, but my real satisfaction will come when some of you bang your head against the wall out of frustration. This list will grow in future.

5 thoughts on “Muhahahah!

  1. I do not admire your PJs, seriously, but you have good writing skills. Your sense of humour is good in your blogs, but not when it comes from you as a PJ. Thats what I have felt.

    1. Is good 🙂
    2. That IS a PJ.
    3. Liked it.
    4. Nice one, but didnt you say for its sake? Did you actually find a situation to say that?
    5. Nice!
    6. Again, nice!
    7. Thats your creation? I was thinking I heard it somewhere else? 🙂

  2. @Rinchen: I think I have reduced the rate in my FB status messages.. 😛

    @Shalini: Thank you. Commenting here for the first time, right? Your blog looks colorful, BTW. Haven’t got time to go through that though.. Will comment sometime.

    @Naru: Thank you for saying that. I will try to constantly improve my standard of PJ. 😛 (I can’t remember many of the better ones. I should hire an official recorder.)

    4. That was used when I tried to start a conversation with a girl whose surname was Sen. But I admit that it was not spontaneous. The idea originally came up when I read “Sense and Sensibility”

    7. I can assure you it was my own. You might have heard it from some wannabe Deepaks or some other wise man who thinks like me.
    I even remember the instance. It was to George Hormese in our second year, in the presence of PJ “stalwarts” like Vishnu Preman and Asif Mustafa. Vishnu apparently walked around with his head lowered (according to Razin) for another day because he was humbled.

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