Why I’m a Harry Potter die-hard?

Saw this at a website, and I thought… how true, how true. My comments and addenda in blue

  1. You’ve learned to correctly pronounce Hermione. –That’s what I did first after I finished Philosopher’s stone back in 90’s.
  2. You own all the books and movies. – Yes. I do own all six books plus the two companion books plus all three movie DVDs plus the second and third HP games by EA sports.
  3. You bought the book at midnight, you were done by 2:30 – Well! not exactly, I bought it at around 9 am on the release date, because the shops opened only then in Bangalore. Stood in a queue. Took an auto back home (Rs. 50) Finished reading the book by 3 pm that day.
  4. When someone points a stick at you, you shout ‘Expelliarmus!’ – No. But I have shouted “Lumos” several times when there was an electricity cut.
  5. You can accurately describe a Blast-Ended Skrewt. – Yes I can. Because I’m a Hogwarts student in mind.
  6. You were completely devastated (cried for days) by the end of book 6. – I was devastated. I didn’t cry, because “Boys don’t cry”. But I didn’t believe what I read. I reread those pages over and over again; thinking that there was something wrong. Even after reading the book several times, I was trying to make up weird theories wherein Dumbledore will come back, at least as a ghost or portrait.
  7. Running into brick wall trying to find platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station – I wish I’d been there!
  8. You’re taking a Latin class just so you can come up with your own spells – Not a bad idea!
  9. Posted online review of latest book two hours after it went on sale – No! Being a fan, I didn’t want to spoil it for other fans.
  10. You end all sentences with “you muggle” – No. But I sure find myself more comfortable in the company of wizards and witches.
  11. You have successfully used owl post. – I don’t like owls. I like cats.
  12. You rave on and on about the great game of Quidditch. – You won’t believe me if I say I used to travel on broomsticks from the time I was in kindergarten. Yeah! My favorite game at that age was to hold a broomstick between my knees and running around singing a song. I don’t remember that song though! 🙁
  13. odd shaped scar on forehead from self inflicted wound – I have seriously considered doing this several times. But I was afraid =)
  14. You take an active interest in the characters’ love lives/futures. – Yes I dream about that a lot.
  15. When people say Harry Potter is dumb, you try to use the “killing curse” – Any doubt? I really get annoyed when people say Harry Potter is kids’ stuff. I refused to give HBP to my cousin when he asked it for reading because he once had said it was kids’ stuff. I even quipped “You are an adult, ain’t you? why do you want to read kids’ stories then?”
  16. You scream about the injustices of enslaved house-elves. – I’m not as mad as Hermione.
  17. You grinned at the kid at the queue on release date – Yes! Lotsa ppl were noticing me because I was wearing a custom printed HBP T-shirt on that day. A few ppl even came to me asking where I bought that T-shirt, because their kids were pestering them.
  18. You refuse to say Voldemort and instead refer to him as the Dark Lord. – No I call him Voldemort. Fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself.
  19. Installed covert surveillance at JK Rowling’s house to get scoop on next book – I want to keep her at gun point and making her write more series on the book. 🙂 Just kidding Jo, I love and rever you!
  20. You have tried every flavor of Bertie Botts currently available – I had bought 2 packets of Bertie Botts from US. And shared it with witches and wizards. I got earwax. Never got Vomit. (Not that I want to taste it! :D) Too bad it’s not available in India.
  21. You have untamed jet-black hair. – My original hair color is Jet-black; I’ve never dyed. And my hair sure is untidy; but not as untameable as Harry’s
  22. Look, for the tenth time, “flying” is not available on ANY of our car models – I’d prefer flying on a broomstick
  23. Spend hours by the window waiting for message from Hedwig – Not Hedwig! But owl from Hogwarts saying I’ve been selected into Hogwarts.
  24. Avada Kedavra you bumhole! – Don’t you remember? I’m the good guy!
  25. You refuse to eat anything other than chocolate frogs. – I’m not much of a chocolate-liking guy. I have made several snacks like Pumpkin juice, Treacle Tart, Pumpkin pasties and butterbeer at home.

Some of my custom facts to add to this:

  1. I have made a Harry Potter fanfic story which I’ve never shared with anybody. It’s a secret.
  2. How many times have I read and reread the books? Can’t say. Because I lost count 😀
  3. One of my blogger friends landed in Scotland only last week, and I’ve already started bugging her to visit and send snaps of the movie locations, Hogwarts express and all.
  4. Of course, visiting England, King’s cross, Hogwarts Express, Edinburgh castle etc are my life ambitions. 🙂

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