Happy Birthday Jo and Harry!

Today, my favorite author and her favorite wizard Harry Potter turn another year old.
Wish you a very happy birthday Jo..keep writing with that wonderful quill of yours.
And Harry, Happy Birthday to you too, buddy.

An owl is on it’s way carrying my birthday gifts for both of you. But I’m afraid that owl is a bit confused about wizarding addresses. So don’t blame me if it doesn’t reach you, Harry.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jo and Harry!

  1. Leave JKR to do her own writing dude.

    Haven’t you realised yet that u r a budding competitor to JKR !


  2. @Lavanya: Sure thing. 🙂

    @Sanju: No I’m nowhere near JKR. And stop being sarcastic.

    @Ajith: Rumours remain rumours. She still hasn’t said anything. Nor has she given any hints.

    @Everything: Thanks for the comment. I know people who are crazier about HP than myself. 😉
    Anyway, keep visiting.

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