Half-Blood Prince

First of all, don’t worry… There are no spoilers.

I bought my copy of HBP on Saturday itself and read it 3 times (Can you believe?) over the weekend. I knew someone important would die, not that I wanted them to, but never thought that it would be X (Name not revealed).

I don’t know why. All the good people in HP series have become something like a family to me. I dream of being in the magical world, being in Hogwarts, being friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione, being in The Burrow getting the selfless love and care from Mrs. Weasley.

You won’t believe if I tell you that I have “tweaked” the story in such a way that it squeezes in a few more characters. I rewrote the prophecy with another important character in it. He is going to be the foundation for The Chosen One’s victory. He is sort of an alter ego of Harry, with his parents too killed by Voldemort. And he too survived Voldemort. Voldemort wanted him because he was the secret-keeper of some weapon which his parents had invented. They did some ancient magic so that the details cannot be known if you killed him. Voldemort tries using an unknown curse, but it backfires. His aunt (His mother’s twin) is accused of double-crossing his parents and is sent to Azkaban for a crime she didn’t do (like Sirius). But he is unlike Harry in several ways.
1. He got the love of parents from the Weasleys who adopt him.
2. He is not very keen on rule-breaking adventures, although he is very loyal and ready to sacrifice for his friends.
3. He is very intelligent, not a book-worm like Hermione, but has a lot of talent.
4. He possesses an ancient and rare power to do magic without using wand or even uttering anything. It comes involuntarily for him usually when he is angry. (The ministry has no way of tracking this magic 🙂 The result is he knows (although he can’t recall) many spells which are unknown to the wizarding world.

This story is only in my mind. I can’t pen it, because I am a horrible author. I’ll ruin the good story in my mind because my hands are not as fast as my mind.

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