Gateway to the Wizarding World

One of my friends who’s also a member of FWW(The Infosys Harry Potter fan club) went to London and went to King’s Cross Station and yes… there is in fact a platform No. 9 ¾.

PS: Of course, he went a month before that bomb explosion in King’s Cross.

Whoa! The wizarding world does exist; we muggles just don’t see it!!! 🙁

2 thoughts on “Gateway to the Wizarding World

  1. u kno there is a Hogwarts express too..:) runs in Scotland..dont rem exactly which places n all..but then it was started by them muggles :)..
    I am planning to get onto it wen i am there…will def post something on it!..

  2. Do share the snaps!!
    You can visit Edinburgh Castle as well. That’s where the Hogwarts Great Hall, and grounds in the movie were shot 🙂
    I think Edinburgh is just around 50-60 miles from Glasgow.

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