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Mysteries of the mundane

  • Why do I feel lonely in a crowd?
  • Why does every doctor have a handwriting which looks like a 1-year old trying to get nasty with a pen and paper?
  • How is the pharmacist able to read the prescription of any doctor, while others can’t read even one?
  • Why do I get angry for little nothings?
  • Why do I choose to be a pacifist for big somethings?
  • Why do I torture myself mentally for a fault which is not mine?
  • Why is it that I want to talk to my mother when I wallow in self-pity?
  • Why is my mother the only person I know who can bring me back out of the vortex?
  • Is it a gift or a curse to be unable to hate anybody?
  • Why is the world so ruthless?
  • Why do I want to live in a wonderland, and not come to terms with the harsh realities?
  • Why do I have the feeling that I’m not doing what I am supposed to do?
  • Why, then, is this feeling so fickle?
  • How do I find enough topics to talk for 45 minutes every other day to my mom?
  • Is there a meaning in another dimension to my idiosyncrasies?
  • Who am I?

Anger Management

How often do you keep your cool when some stranger hits in your head with a rolled booklet? Have you ever had such experience at all? I did! A couple of days back! And I totally kept my cool!

This happened at the career fair. After standing in long queues, I got tired and came back to the lobby to have a seat. Ahh. The plush comfort of the couch! What can be more satisfying than having a coke in a couch? Apparently, checking my email was ! So I took my iPod touch out and started reading email.

Suddenly someone hit me on my head. I was startled for a moment. I quickly looked up to see which of my pestering friends it was, but to my further surprise, it was a total stranger. She froze for a moment. I had a temptation to shout “Someone call 911. I’m being attacked!” in typical Deepak-style. But I thought there were way too many people there, and someone might panic.

Anyway, after the moment of shock sunk in, the lady started apologizing to me. Apparently, the top view of my head looked like that of someone she knew. I was looking down as I was reading email, so my face apparently was not that visible. The only thing I felt about the whole “mishap” was amusement. Now, that was interesting. Because, had this happened 5 years back, I would have been real angry… even if it was a stranger.

There used to be a time when I used to get angry very easily. I used to scare away a great deal of people, who thought that I was not worthy of their friendship because I was rude. But only I knew that I was not rude. It was just… I would get angry very fast.ย  But as if to counter that shortcoming, I never ever held a grudge against anyone. I would forget that in a matter of hours.

I have become better and better at curbing my anger, since my undergraduate days, and although I haven’t rooted it out yet, I can be happy that the last time I got angry at anyone was several months ago. There have been three key people who have helped me get better at controlling my rage.

Deepu Chandran, who has been a great friend of mine, even after I did this to him. He has advised me a great deal on the need to remain calm, and how to do it.

My father, who I consider an epitome of calmness. I have never seen him get angry in his life. (Although he acts like he is angry sometimes, for example, when he doesn’t get food on time, he is a really bad actor.)

Thirdly, my mother, who is a good example that you can control your anger if you try hard. Recalling my childhood days, I remember that she used to be really short tempered. But nowadays, I would say she can give my dad a run for his money. She once said that one important thing in keeping your anger at bay was to not attach yourself to anything materialistic.

I have understood through the course of time how important is it to prevent yourself from getting angry. Anger, as I know it, doesn’t help in anything productive. It only lengthens the distance between two people. It doesn’t ease your tension. It doesn’t free your mind. It is an unnecessary and potentially dangerous vestige of human nature. I strive to be free of anger all the time.

Looking at this incident, I’m sure I have improved a lot. I was initially apprehensive about whether I was just not showing my anger because it was a stranger or because it was a girl. But I asked myself, if I was angry inside, about the incident, and the answer was “Not at all!”

It snowed!

It seemed a normal enough day today, when I went out to the bus stop just outside my apartment to catch the “Greek Village” bus to my work. It was 12.30pm. The temperature was around 40 F(5 C) when I last checked.

I went out. It was really colder compared to yesterday. I had to wear my gloves to save my palms from getting numb. There was the familiar and boring whoosh sound as cars and trucks sped by.

Then it suddenly turned into a dreamland. A hint of something white! What looked like tiny cotton pieces falling from thin air! It was snowing!

This was the first snowfall I have witnessed in my life; I was beaming, and I could keep my composure well within limits, although I did that Bill Murray-ish strut, which was a visible indication that I was so excited. I have never been happier in several months. So I just decided to share my happiness with my poor blog, which I have been neglecting since I started my grad studies.

I couldn’t take a video of this historic moment, but history will repeat itself, so I’ll take a video and post it the next time it snows.

Now, I have a tag from the one and only Miladysa – a tag called Random & Weirdly Meme. It is a bit weird that I keep getting tags about weird things everytime, but everyone is allowed to be weird once or twice, so it is not really weird to be weird.

The rule is to share 7 facts about yourself – some random, some weird.

#1 – I saw snow for the first time in my life today. (What else were you expecting as first fact?)

#2 – One of my favorite hobbies while in school was inventing nicknames with my cousin to bully my younger brother. I can remember about 20 different names from the top of my head now, but I’m sure there were more. My favorite one must be NKVKMKM, which had a very interesting full form. I won’t disclose it here.

#3 – I used to steal buttermilk from the refrigerator as a kid. The habit hasn’t died till date. Even today, I prefer drinking buttermilk when nobody’s watching.

#4 – I scored an almost high 28 on an online Asperger Syndrome test, but I don’t believe it.

#5 – I am really (unbelievably) bad at Cricket. I can’t play well, and I don’t follow cricket.

#6 – I’ve been using the same wrist watch for 11 years now. And I don’t even like it.

#7 – Weekends in Raleigh are boring because I don’t have a car, and there’s no public transit on weekends.

Now tagging 7 people is the part I don’t like. So I tag everyone who reads this. ๐Ÿ˜›

Weird… or something like that!

This time, I got tagged twiceย separately with the same topic, in hope that I will get around my writer’s block. But little do they understand that it is not writer’s block, it is rather a blocked writer. (Courtesy: Sanjiv)

Now to the topic of the tag. No points for guessing what the tag is about. It is the one which is doing rounds in the world of blogs of late – 8 Weird things. Now I had already written another tag with 6 weird things. It really feels weird to write about more weird things. Can’t the guys who create these tags be a bit creative, rather than giving old wine in a new bottle?

Anyway, here are the rules:
1. Write 8 random/weird/habitual/crazy facts. (Why is it 8? Shouldn’t that be random too?)
2. Tag 8 other angels, and force them to stop doing productive work and start tagging in their blogs. In short, stop them from having the devil’s workshop. (I mean “an idle mind”)
3. Bully, Coax, Plead, Cry, Whine or Beat the pulp out of them so that they take up this tag.

Without much ado, here I go.

1. I encounter nail-biting moments way too often. I bite my nails when my hands are idle. It’s habitual, but I think it is getting better.
On a serious note, please don’t hesitate to shake hands whenever we meet. I really don’t bite nails as much as posted above. That was just for the effect.

2. I have attempted going to gym 3 times, and stopped within 2 weeks every time. Lack of determination! I’m sure it is! First in my college. Second in my company. The third time, I paid to go to a gym outside, thinking that spending some money for this will drive some sense into my skull. But I ended up wasting my money. Now I can’t pay 8 grand and go to Fitness One. What if I waste that also?

3. I have almost photographic memory of names (and faces, if they haven’t changed drastically from the time I last met them.) That means I can recall their name when I see a familiar face.
I am decent enough in remembering numbers (Telephone numbers and so on)
I am really bad in remembering dates. I scored my least amount of marks in History in my 10th when every one else was scoring cent percent. Two weeks back, my friend told me that we had completed 3 years of employment (we joined on the same day). I asked him, “Really?”

4. I had chats in GTalk with at least 6 people on 20th Friday, which consistently started with the following conversation. (It started to freak me out after the 4th person)

Person: for?
Me: Harry Potter
Person: ok!
Person: ๐Ÿ™‚

The reason was that I had given my status message as “One more day!

The freak show continued on 23rd Monday, when I had my status as “Falling into a state of depression ๐Ÿ™

At least 4 people asked me “why depression?” (I mean the exact same phrase). I replied, “Last HP book!”

5. I and my brother used to fight a lot over silly things when we were in school. Fights meaning fist fights. We had managed to hurt each other several times. I yanked his head once during a fight, resulting in a sprain on his neck which he carried for one week.
He has stabbed my palm with a pencil once and the lead got lodged into my palm. Had to go to the doctor to take it out. My right palm still carries the relic of that. The list goes on. My mom used to cry that none of her friends’ children were as violent as we were and that we had a lot to learn from them. We used to respond that they should come to us and learn how to fight properly. Mind you, the fights were always for the silliest of the reasons.
As time went by, it became wise for me not to engage in a duel with him, because he grew twice as big and strong as me.

6. I rarely wear shirts. I feel more comfortable in T-shirts and polo shirts. I normally wear only 2-3 shirts which I’m extremely fond of. That too will generally be on top of a T-shirt and unbuttoned. The last time I remember wearing a formal dress was 2 years back when I attended the interview for my current company.

7. I have this annoying (to the recipient) habit of correcting the pronunciation of words spoken by my friends/family at the most awkward moments. Some of my most favorite corrections are:
– tuition is pronounced “tooishun” not “tiushun”
– queen is pronounced “kween” not “kiun”
– coffee is pronounced “coffee”. The o should sound like “aw” and not like “ow” (Typical of Mallus)
– elite. It is not “elaite”..It is “eleet”

8. The proven method for me to fall asleep is read a book while lying in my bed. I will fall asleep within two pages of reading while I’m lying prone or on my back, no matter how interesting the book is. Even Harry Potter has not been able to be an exception to this.

Okay. That makes it 8. Now the tough part. Tagging 8 people.

Upasna – I want a change for a change. Write something funny.
Dev – He claims he doesn’t even log into Blogger for months. My attempt to break that claim.
Kandy – Let’s see the dark side of the cool guy… my classmate in engineering.
Sanjuz – Gathering dust now. I won’t let your irrational thoughts rest in peace so soon. GET UP!
Max – Another one gathering dust. All wasted writing skills.
Dharmu – Recent addition to my blogroll. Bindaas girl, from whatever little I know.
– 2 Open – All those who felt dejected that I let you down by not tagging you, grab your chance. (Pssst… I’m sure no one will take this ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Weird things about Weirdness

This is a long pending tag (I almost wrote “pending CR”…CR for change request. Mind still at work place ๐Ÿ™ ) from Ajith. 6 weird things about me. As several people have pointed out, I am a self proclaimed weirdo and chatterbox. So there should not be any trouble in writing 6 weird things about me. But actually, there is trouble. I see it now… Anyway here goes.

Weirdness #1
This is right at the top of my mom’s list of weird thing I’ve done in my life.

My mom was cleaning my room one day (not at all a mammoth effort as you may think. You’ll know why in this post itself) when she saw a list of endless names. At first she thought she had misplaced a marksheet of the students in her class. But actually that was a statistical study by yours truly. I was trying to study how many different people I can distinctly remember, i.e. relate the names to faces. So I had listed down the names of all people, friends, family, film actresses and so on. Anyway, this project was shortlived as I found out that the number people I knew was way too much that it crossed the limits of my hands endurance.

Weirdness #2
I am not afraid of snakes at all, unlike most people. I keep a distance, but I’m not afraid. I once was taking a shortcut which went behind my hostel block. I accidentally stepped on a snake. My friend who was with me was freaked out all day. I shoved it off as a trifle.
I don’t know why I’m not afraid of snakes when I’m afraid of lesser animals like frogs, mice, cockroaches etc.

Weirdness #3
I have a serious doubt that I have small amounts of short term memory loss. I sometimes forget things which I remembered about 30 seconds ago. Then I will have to come to my starting place (where I originally thought of that) and pull my hair for a minute to remember what I had thought of. This is a tested protocol. I almost never remember it if I don’t come to the starting place.

Weirdness #4
My mom says I’m far too outspoken.
My brother says I talk continously about unrelated things. (Called “Incoherent speech”)
My grandma says that my spirituality exceeds my age.
My friends say that I am a studious moron.

My dad says…well…nothing. He just enjoys all the fun from a safe distance.

Weirdness #5
I had problem of sleepwalking when I was a child. Later it reduced to talking while in sleep. Now it is almost gone. Some of the weirdest monologues which I uttered while I was asleep were:

  • Respected teachers, elders and my dear friends.
  • This is the plane and the force is applied perpendicular to it.
  • You really cannot understand my friend, but I know he is a jerk.

My mom has told me that I never spoke in language other than English while I was asleep.

Weirdness #6
I am kind of obsessed with cleanliness of some things. You can call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I don’t like my room in any condition other than spick-and-span. I don’t buy used books from roadside, because they look dirty. I ask my friends to wash their hands before touching my books, because they may make it dirty. I don’t like utensils thrown around in the kitchen sink and will wash them myself sometimes. I don’t allow my friends to put any non-vegetarian (which I consider unclean) item in my utensils even if they offer to clean it themselves later. They have to use paper plates. I even fool around when they bring some food item, because I suspect if they will take my plates for their food and the food will be non-vegetarian.

Open tag.. Anybody can take it (I’m lazy to propose names). Just remember that you have to comment in my blog after you wrote about your weirdness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Woes Reloaded

I know I haven’t blogged for a long long time, and I’ve lost half my readers. But I was busy with work…honest!!
Well. Now I’m back in India…without a paisa, with torn sandals and with a lot of headweight.

A few extra pounds
The woes started even before I reached India. I was royally pissed off right from the moment I started packing for my return. After I finished packing, the new rule about the liquid/gel/aerosol came into effect. That warranted some repacking. (Not because I was carrying liquid explosives or anything ๐Ÿ˜€ ) After several grueling hours and trying all combos, I was finally able to pack some stuff. I mean, the challenge was real and tough.

1. No liquid items in Cabin baggage. Most of the high-density items (heavy but less in size) were liquids, conditioners et al.)
2. Check-in weight limit is 50 pounds.
3. Cabin baggage is too small in size.

The results were:
- My check-in bags were exactly 50 pounds, but had lot of free space.
- My cabin strolley was literally stuffed with maximum items, but still underweight. (like me :P )
- Same was the case with my backpack.
- I had to return back two packets to their owners. I said I can't deliver them to India, use FedEx!! They said, FedEx gets washed away like it did with Chuck Noland in "CastAway".
- I had to ask my colleague, who is coming next week to carry one of my own items.

Around the airport in 80 minutes

Well. If you thought that was all, here’s more.
I reached O’Hare airport and checked in (to my relief, my baggages were exactly 50 and 50.5 pounds each. I was a bit doubtful about the rusty balance which I used back in my hotel room.)

Check-in finished…Security check also went through fairly smooth, except that they asked me to remove every single item in my pocket. ( The next thing that’s gonna happen is these psychopathic jehadis making an explosive from cotton, and passengers being asked to travel naked.) I went towards the gate. Went into the lounge…(What can I say.. This was about the only thing that was good in my journey.. I travelled in First Class.)

I started recalling the check-in process. It took a moment for that blow to strike my mind. Then it struck lethally. It was horror..It was insanity. I frantically checked my passport.
The I-94 stamping…
My colleague said that I needed the I-94 stamped when I was departing from US, otherwise I would get some royal treatment from immigration department when I come back next time…
It was not there.
I went and asked the American Airlines officials near the boarding gate. They said something silly which didn’t convince me. They asked me to go to the check-in counter to be sure. I went all the way back. At the check-in counter, an official didn’t allow me into the check-in desk. He said, the immigration things are to be handled by the immigration dept and they are in terminal 5. I had to catch the Airport Transit train and go there.
I met an officer there; she was a kind lady. She said there was no process in place to get it done from them, not for Indians. She explained that this is probably taken care of during check-in.
I went back to terminal 3, and this time managed to sneak inside the check-in queue and to the desk. The lady there explained everything to me. There was no stamping required in my passport. The I-94, which was now detached from my passport and reattached to my boarding pass, would be collected at the boarding gate. There will be Home Security officials to scan my Visa at the boarding gate. I can go to the gate without an worries.
I asked the questions again and again, just to be sure. The lady kept her cool anyway.
I was relieved… so much that the entire security check process, which I had to go thru again, was not that annoying.

So I went back to the lounge. The lady at the lounge reception, Sandi Dukach, (I had told her my issue, just before running out like a crazy man) asked if everything was in place. I told her the problems I had to go through.
She said, “Better be sure than be sorry.”
Exhausted after the end of the race, I replied, “Yeah!”

I was lucky that I had checked in well ahead of time, otherwise I would not have found time for this race.
Oh..I remember the name of the receptionist because she has a striking resemblance to actress Susan Sarandon, a fact that I told her too.

Back in Delhi, I checked in at Hyatt. No woes with the customs, luckily. I was planning to check out at 4.45, since my flight was at 6.35 am. So I scheduled a wake-up call at 4 am.

In the night, I was bitten by the insomnia bug, because of jet lag. I kept waking up at regular intervals of 15 minutes or so. Then there was a huge gap, after which I woke up. I checked my watch, it was showing 4.15. So much for these junkies. They don’t even give a wake-up call properly. I took a quick shower, then I called and said I would be checking out in 15 minutes.
Then I called my taxi-wallah, and asked him to come in about 20-25 minutes. He was perplexed, “At this time? But your flight is at 6.35, right?”
I checked my watch. It was showing 4.35.. But PM, not AM. The goddamn watch was still in World Time mode and was showing the time in Chicago. Actually, it was only 3.05 am in India. I apologized to the driver for disturbing him in the middle of night. Then called the receptionist and apologized to her as well, saying I lost sense of time.

Then I killed time by watching some Spanish movie (Do I know Spanish?) in TV till 4.45, then checked out.

The Joy of Flying
In Delhi domestic airport, I encountered another problem. Jet airways allowed only 30 kgs total check-in allowance. I started arguing. I took a connecting flight and my baggage weight is as per international norms. How am I supposed to rearrange the contents during transit! This was ridiculous. I refused to pay any extra amount for my baggage. I tried to convince the lady at the check-in counter. And I was successful, thanks to my charm and ability in wooing girls. (Ahem! Ahem!) She finally said she’ll waive the excess luggage because it was me. (Oops..because I was a business class traveler)

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
For the sake of my readers who don’t know Hindi: the title means “Still my heart is Indian”

I reached Bangalore at long last, had a good sleep. When I woke up in the evening, I was really hungry. Moreover, my “headweight” was because of 3 months of no haircuts.
I decided to go to the salon and then to a restaurant. But my sandals were torn. I had to wear shoes just to walk about 20 meters. When I reached the barbershop, I realised that I had no money. (Indian Rupee, that is) So I decided to walk towards the nearest ATM. (My car was in my friends’ house) I walked all the way only to find the ATM was out of order.
So I came back, didn’t have a haircut, didn’t go to the restaurant and thought about ways to use my credit card. I called Pizza Hut, ordered a pizza. It is a pity that they have stopped Potato Wedges. That was one of the best things there. After eating my pizza, I tried to sleep…But I couldn’t…It was 12 AM you know!!!

The weirdest nightmare

This would easily qualify as the weirdest nightmare I ever had. (And some of my nightmares are weird to the point of becoming silly. Believe me, I’ll write about other weird nightmares on another post, probably.)

I don’t know why I had this nightmare in the first place. People talk about interpreting dreams. Well…Try interpreting this gibberish!

It all started with me driving in my car. The area was full of trees…lush green forest, and a highway wide and neat, but quickly disappearing into the foliage. Lots of coconut trees along the roadside. I was undoubtedly in Kerala, my native. (The Government calls Kerala as “Gods own country” to attract tourists. I’d say it’s beautiful, very beautiful.)
Wait a minute…It looked as if it was the way to my alma mater, NIT Calicut.

[Cut to building] (It happens often in a dream, this cut-to thing!)

This was a two-storey building. Roof was covered with asbestos. The building was very old, battered and out of place. I had never seen this building in NIT. Nothing from NIT was remotely near, although I don’t remember turning around to find which place it was in my dream. All I had was a perspective vision of the building.

[Cut to classroom]

I was probably in a classroom inside the building. No teacher was there. But the benches were filled with people. I saw a lot of my classmates and friends from college. I chatted with them for sometime. I saw one of my seniors who’s doing his PhD now in the US. I waved at him and he waved back. I was now convinced that it was NIT, when I saw some of my friends who were not from NIT. I was wondering what the hell!
I deduced that the classroom consisted of all my close friends. (This stands true until disproved!)

Suddenly I saw her. She was not as fat in the dream as she is in real life. She didn’t seem to notice me.
She was talking animatedly to my classmate X (Name hidden for anonymity), who, I’m dead sure, she has not met in her life. (I mean real life) Her voice was having the usual high-volumed-but-good-to-hear tone.
Anyway, his behavior was expected. He was one world-weary fella who was never tired of the company of women.

I approached her and asked smiling, “What are you doing here?”
She quirked her head towards me and replied, “Do I know you?”
It was time for another mumble of “What the hell” from my side.
He smirked at me.

Kahaani mein Twist (The Twist in the Tale)

Suddenly people began to shout outside. I heard shrieks, screams, hisses. Then I started hearing hard knocks on the asbestos roof.
Hailstones? But it doesn’t hail in Kerala.

(You thinking it’s a story out of “Day after Tomorrow”?? No. Keep reading)

I saw the face of the people in the room changing from wonder to fear. There was something serious happening outside.

(There’s one thing I would bring to notice. All the doors and windows were magically shut sometime before this. I don’t recall when.)

I ran outside and saw what was there….It was pandemonium…
It was not hail.
It was not storm.
It was not even rain.
It was snakes… Snakes were dropping from the sky.
The problem…they were very much alive even after dropping from what seemed to be the clouds.
People were around, some running for cover, some too shocked even to budge, some fiercely fighting the snakes with long sticks.
My first thought was to escape from that damned place with as many people as possible.

I went into the room to explain what was happening outside.

[Cut to a talk between me and my senior]

The classroom is now deserted and so is the area outside. We are discussing about how it rains snakes.

Senior: Actually the snakes are born in the clouds. The eggs of a variety of snakes known as “[I don’t remember the name he said]” are as light as pollen grain.
Me: So they go into the clouds through a system similar to pollination.
Senior: You can say that. These eggs are so light that they are carried by the water vapour to the skies. There they lay embedded in the cloud. And the most fascinating part is that these eggs need cold and moisture to hatch unlike ordinary eggs which need warmth.
Me: So these eggs hatch as snakes. And when these snakes grow too heavy for the clouds to hold them, they simply fall.
Senior: Exactly

[Cut back to filled classroom. Present situation]

I ran out to get my car. Snakes were falling all around me. One of the professors (I’ve never seen him, but he looked like a professor, you know? Absent-minded and all!) ordered me to go back into the classroom. I neglected him, and took my car. Some of my friends(including her) climbed into the rest of the seats. I drove as I used to drive in NFS…so delusively fast. Suddenly a snake fell on my car. The windshield cracked and the snake fell right on me. With a hiss, it plunged its teeth into my hand. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I wanted to wail….but I stopped dumbfounded.

I was no longer in the car. I was sitting up in my bed, a thick blanket covering my lower half.

(You think this was too abrupt an ending? Dreams are like that!)


I haven’t blogged for some days now. Looks like the frequency is gonna hit an all time low once I get into my project. Not that it’s too hectic. But it IS somewhat hectic.

Now for the title. Strange was the feeling I had after I left Trivandrum on Friday. First thing, I was feeling sad and happy at the same time.
What the hell! Am I crazy or what? How can I feel two emotions at the same time? I came to this conclusion when two ppl asked me two questions.
Kishore asked me, “How’re u feeling now? Maone! (An interjection in Mallu) Last day in Infy!Excited about joining Motorola next week?”
I thought, “Of course I am.”
Ravi then said something about a final farewell treat. (I had to bear the expenses, of course)
Then suddenly Teena asked me, “Aren’t you sad you are leaving us?”
I realised that the curious feeling in my mind was that of sorrow because I was parting with my friends. The entire group of kidus and kidangals.
My mind browsed through my…our life in Infy Pune and then the reunion in Bangalore, like a careless hand flipping through the pages of a book.
I realised…that the 1 year friendship which blossomed during Infy training in Pune was worth more than the 5 year-old one with my batchmates.
I didn’t know why. But I knew it was there.
Life’s like that. You meet several people, good ones and bad ones. They play a major role in the drama called your life. They affect the paths you take. But nevertheless, your journey is solitary.

The second instance of strangeness came on my way to Bangalore from home. I kept on waking up several times in the stupid bus. (I din’t get a train ticket from home to Bangalore) I decided to stay awake when I passed in front of Infosys– my source of bread for the last one year. Nostalgic? Nah! I felt indifferent. I couldn’t believe myself. Indifference?? Why I felt that, I don’t know!
Back at home, I saw a shabby room in the place of what would have been an almost neat room (except for my books lying here and there). Still, I felt indifferent towards the guilty! Indifference in the place of towering rage. (That’s what usually happens) This, of course, was a welcome change in my attitude.

Evening was the time of anxiety.
Oh my God! I had to find a new apartment.
Oh my God! I had to get a decent car. Whether to go for a new one or a used one??
Oh my God! I had to find some gift for Geeta chechi’s baby. What could you possibly buy for a 28 day old??


PS: If any one has any tips for the last anxiety, pls help me!!

Sleepless in Trivandrum

The sleeplessness is not because I’m in love. Duh!
The reason for my sleeplessness is a contagious disease known as Acute Rhinopharyngitis which causes the inflammation of your Upper Respiratory Tract.
I had been clocking about 6-7 hours daily in Bangalore. Grossly inadequate, you may say!! But for a person who used to sleep from 10pm-1am and then 4am-6am during his college life, 7 hours of sleep is bliss.

I started “investing” more time in sleep when I came to TVM early this month. I used to sleep for 10 hours (Until yesterday!) Reason: I don’t have any (I repeat…Any) work in office. So I go late and come back early.

Why “investing” in sleep?
I’m a thinker, a dreamer and a wonderer. I wanted my brain to be as free as possible when I think. So my sleep regime is sort of a “disk cleanup”

Why no sleep lately?
Because of a nasty cold…(He…He.. you thought it was some serious disease, didn’t you? Acute Rhinopharyngitis is the scientific name of Common Cold). It has spread to my throat causing infection in my throat. My nose gets blocked when I try to aline my body in a horizontal posture. (In English, you can say when I lay in bed) I have to lay in an uncomfortable position so that I don’t suffocate: on my belly, straight and my head turned towards left side on a pillow. Poor me! I kept on waking up intermittently last night.

sssssomebody sssave me!!!

The bed is a bundle of paradoxes:
We go to it with reluctance, yet we leave it with regret;
We make up our mind every night to leave it early,
but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late!
Journey from your bed to bathroom every morning is the most grueling journey of each day!

The metamorphosis of life

I change my blog theme very often, right?? It’s not thematic to be exact. It’s not diverse either. I guess it is piece-wise thematic (Tech guys, Please bear with my PJ. Others never mind). I wrote this because I created this particular blog to add some more to my college memories which has been my latest theme.

Well here goes!

My daily routine while I was in school.

  • Wake up at 8 am
  • Finish all the morning chores by 8.30
  • Breakfast at 8.30
  • Go to school by bicycle at 8.45
  • Be a good boy at school, study hard.
  • Come back immediately after school.
  • No going out, no hanging out with friends, absolutely inside home in the evening, watching TV or reading books or studying or playing carroms all alone.

My daily routine while I was in college (NITC)

  • Wake up at 9.30 am (Classes start at 8 )
  • Go to Mamachan’s, the one hotel for breakfast.
  • Go to periods 3 and 4. (10.15 to 12.15)
  • Take lunch at Chechi’s.
  • Go back to hostel and sleep. Skip afternoon classes unless it’s a lab hour.
  • Go to play Tennis or Basketball at evening.
  • Come back, have a bath, and go for dinner at Chinese Corner, Lovely Foods etc.
  • Roam around the hostel blocks visiting buddies and almost killing them with my blah blah which is like a car without a brake.
  • Return to my room around 11 pm. Start my computer and start playing UT or Age of Empires in the LAN we set up.
  • Play till 1 pm.
  • Go and have a tea at Vinu’s. Friends have a smoke too.
  • Come back, play again.
  • Go to sleep at around 3 pm.

My daily routine now

  • Wake up at 7 am
  • Cook some breakfast at home
  • Go to office at 8.30 am
  • Work, work and work till evening.
  • Come back exhausted.
  • But still find energy to prepare some dinner. There’s nothing like good home-made food.
  • See some movie at 9. (HBO, Star Movies, or some Tamil/Malayalam channel)
  • Sleep at 12 am.