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Now, that’s what I call a stupefying reply

Courtesy – Forum of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Someone posted on our forum mocking us for being Potterheads. And read the reply!! 🙂

Conversation: FWW-The Harry Potter Fan Club: T-Shirt for 16 July! (Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus)
Subject: RE: FWW-The Harry Potter Fan Club

Does it come with a rusty magic stick too?
I’d be great fun to see 25 yr olds running around Infy with HP t-shirts and a matching wand to go with it. LoL
Seriously though isn’t all this stuff just for kids, it is a kids book/movie after all.


Actually, you are right. Harry Potter is a ‘kids’ fiction/fact series.

Let me tell you what kind of kids (or rather who I classify as a ‘kid’). A kid is…

  1. …any being who enjoys forays into the world of fantasy. A home away from home, if you will. (What Hogwarts is to Harry)
  2. …any being with a mind and heart open enough to learn new things about things(/beings/objects/all & sundry) that may or may not exist. (Spirits do have Death Day parties)
  3. …any being who has the ability and the inclination to look beyond the ‘normal’ and the ‘routine’ to a world within. A world in which each individual (skeptic, muggle, witch/wizard, or squib) harbors tremendous potential within themselves. We just need to acknowledge that potential for it to bloom in to the most beautiful of flowers that has ever bloomed on the face of this universe.
  4. …any being intelligent enough to pose questions about things other than “does it come with rusty magic stick” (which BTW is called a wand). Questions like: does life after death exist? (The veil between life and death is thin…); do I absolutely have to do what people want me to do? (Mundungus Fletcher – he resells stolen cauldrons, not a very respectable thing to do…but he does that anyways! Dobby, the House Elf – he wants to be paid now and have one day a month to himself!); and last but not the least, what is the most important thing in life – courage & chivalry; ambition, cunning & slyness; intelligence, knowledge & wit; or loyalty, patience, hard work & justice?
  5. …any being seeking to be entertained and to be served fun with a slight sprinkling of interesting tidbits about the world we live in (or would like to live in).

The book serves a very good purpose of reminding us adults how exciting and entertaining good fiction can be and should be.

So, YES, Harry Potter is a book for kids, and we are proud to be called thus.


Best Regards,
A Harry Potter die-hard.


I was in Canteen in my company for breakfast when I saw the word “WITCH” on the menu board.

On a closer look, I saw they had written “SANDWITCHES”. Probably I was imagining things..!!

I wish I was….!!

B’coz I asked my friend to read it and he reckoned that they really had written “sandwitches” there.

I guess we have one more witch/wizard among the muggles in the Canteen. !

Or I was too crazy…and too fascinated at the things these muggles dream up!

I keep on search for the slightest abnormality in the world.. trying to prove the existence of the magical world.

My friends say I’m crazy, but I know you too are like me.