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Many of us found the epilogue of Deathly Hallows too vague and cheesy. It’s time for those of us to rejoice.
JK Rowling has revealed bits and pieces of info on the survivors of Deathly Hallows in an interview on the TODAY show.

Click on the link above to read those; be wary that it reveals some of the plot of Deathly Hallows.
She also said that she will probably write an encyclopedia with more details about her characters and the wizarding world.

The encyclopedia would include back stories of some characters which she had originally written, but had to cut down in the final manuscript (She once said, “I’ve said before that Dean Thomas had a much more interesting history than ever appeared in the books”).
Rowling also reveals the identity of the “reprieved” character in Deathly Hallows.

I’m so excited about the book right now. Rowling said she would take a break for some time before compiling the Encyclopedia. Royalties of the book will go to Comic Relief as it did for “Quidditch through the ages” and “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”

On the quest of the Deathly Hallows

I’m falling into a state of depression. I can’t believe the last book of the Harry Potter series is out and I have already read it. I just can’t take the idea that I won’t get the chance to wait eagerly for the next book.

Being a faithful follower of Harry Potter, I won’t spoil any of the plots of the book. I thought I’d just mention how my day went on 21st Saturday.

I pre-ordered the book in the bookstore nearest to my apartment, obviously to reach home as soon as I bought the book and start reading the book. Unfortunately, the earliest opening time anywhere in Bangalore was 6 am. And, to my dismay, Crossword Indiranagar, where I was to get my book was to open only at 7 am.

So, me and KP decided to go at 6.15 am and wait outside the store. The others were not interested in Harry Potter. We left them to their pathetic life devoid of imaginations and fantasies. (Take no offence if you are reading this, guys, but your life is really pathetic, trying to spoil the plot to us with snapshots from a traitor which came on the internet on the previous day, and jeering and calling a spell casting as a mere stick rotation)
But typical to the nature of bachelors, we started off 15 minutes late. I was wearing my favorite Harry Potter T-shirt and shorts. By the time I parked my car near the shop, it was already crowded, with a queue of 30+ people. I felt a tiny bit of guilt for not showing my fidelity. I should have reached at 6. I should have been in the front.

That feeling faded away soon when the shop was opened and the first group of about 10 customers were let in. From then, it was a feeling of longing. A part of my brain even thought about gatecrashing, throwing the receipt to the counter, taking a book and running out. We couldn’t get in for another long 30 minutes.

I got the book, took a bookmark from the counter and started reading the book on the scene(until KP collected his copy and came outside). I was engrossed wholly in the book even as I walked towards my car. I heard someone call out, “Take your time, dude. You have all day to finish the book.” I grinned at the group of people sitting near the pavement, waiting for their turn to get inside.

We drove back, I parked my car in the most lopsided manner that could be possible and rushed to my apartment. I continued from where I had stopped. By 10.30, I had finished about 100 pages. KP, being a voracious reader, was thrice as fast as me. I skipped breakfast, and went for lunch only because I was really hungry. I even considered taking the book to the restaurant to read it while having dinner. I had already lost about 4 hours because I fell asleep afternoon after having a heavy lunch. Throughout the day, I was interrupted (to my great annoyance) by a number of phone calls. I never received so many phone calls in one day. It had to be this day! Sigh!

I finished the book at around 2am, had a quick browsing of the internet and started my reread. I won’t tell anything about the story, but I’d say this is one of the best books in the series ever. I’d say third best after GoF and PoA. The book is really fast-paced, and we are in the thick of the action from the first chapter itself.

Ecstatic though I am after knowing (or living, rather) how the saga ends, I also feel strangely depressed. It is as if someone has abandoned me in the muggle world and I don’t know the way to get back. My only hope remains in the two films that are remaining. Nevertheless, I can only feel grateful that I lived in the times of Harry Potter and Joanne Rowling.

Hallowed be thy name

I’m back to my favorite topic – Harry Potter.

Half of you might have guessed what I’ll be talking about from the title and first sentence.
Yes. It is about the disclosure of the title of the 7th book – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

If you still don’t know, the door in opened once again yesterday to reveal a hangman game which gave the name.

It was like Wow! Jo is bloody brilliant! That was the thought that struck me, because I was reading Order of the Phoenix for the nth time of late.

If you remember the battle at the ministry between DA and death eaters, Harry instructs others to shatter the prophecy balls so they can escape. And we hear snippets of 2 seemingly trivial prophecies…

“… at the solstice will come a new…” said the figure of an old, bearded man…
“…and none will come after…” said the figure of a young woman.

But Jo never writes trivial statements. Yesterday was December 21st – Winter solstice. At the solstice came a new (title)…Indeed.
The last one….None will come after.

Jo is so clever to put the easter eggs right inside her book. 🙂

Now, the name is interesting. Why “Deathly Hallows”?


  1. Of, resembling, or characteristic of death: a deathly silence.
  2. Causing death; fatal.


  1. In the manner of death.
  2. Extremely; very: The night was deathly cold.


  1. In pl[ural = hallows] applied to the shrines or relics of saints; the gods of the heathen or their shrines. In the phrase ‘to seek hallows’ [means] to visit the shrines or relics of saints.


  1. To make holy; sanctify; consecrate. “to hallow the name of the Lord.”
  2. To honor as holy; consider sacred; venerate. “to hallow a battlefield.”

We are pretty sure that “deathly” is an adjective and “Hallows” is a noun.
Does that mean that there are some relics of saints (or revered wizards) which are deathly/fatal?

(The following theory is Courtesy: Anu)
The Hallows across most legends are seen to represent the royal regalia carried by the King, or the objects sought by someone such as a ‘Grail Quester’.
The sacred vessels, or ‘Hallows of Ireland’ were believed to have been brought by the ‘Tuatha de Danaan’ (This is the Celtic name for Hallows).

The four hallows of the Tuatha de Danaan were developed in later traditions to be:

  1. The Pole of Combat
  2. The Sword of Light
  3. The Cauldron of Cure
  4. The Stone of Destiny

Now notice the connection.

  1. The Sword of Light – Gryffindor Sword
  2. The Cauldron of Cure – Hufflepuff cup
  3. The Stone of Destiny – Slytherin ring/locket
  4. Pole of Combat – Ravenclaw wand(?)

Deathly Hallows.. why so? Are they all Horcruxes?
A million theories erupt in my mind.
Let them erupt from you people also. Do Comment!!!


Happy Birthday Jo and Harry!

Today, my favorite author and her favorite wizard Harry Potter turn another year old.
Wish you a very happy birthday Jo..keep writing with that wonderful quill of yours.
And Harry, Happy Birthday to you too, buddy.

An owl is on it’s way carrying my birthday gifts for both of you. But I’m afraid that owl is a bit confused about wizarding addresses. So don’t blame me if it doesn’t reach you, Harry.

The Muggle Studies Professor – Part 2

The sun was shining brightly on the green meadows somewhere in England on the afternoon of September 1st. It made the land look like a royal green carpet vanishing into the hills yonder. I was once again silent, admiring the beauty of the countryside. There were a million questions inside me, like magma inside a volcano which would erupt any moment. But Jo was not giving me much hint.

All I knew till then was that I was allowed a free passage into platform 8 and three-quarters, because they wanted me to be a muggle studies professor at Hogwarts.
Were they some old crackpots? Was I worth it? What if students misbehaved? I didn’t have the slightest amount of magic to bring discipline.
“Well. Hagrid too doesn’t do magic”, said Jo.
I gaped at her. Her face was hidden behind Witch Weekly.
How did she know what I thought?

But most of the curses won’t work on Hagrid as he is so tough.
“You’re afraid some student might try a bat-bogey hex on you?”, said Jo, lowering her magazine.
I smiled and replied, “You are a Legilimens, aren’t you?”
Jo smiled back and said, “Don’t worry. We will equip you with all the essential magic you need.”
“But I thought one should have in-born talent for magic, just like music. It is impossible to make every person sing.”
“Yes and no. There are some tricks which anyone can do. For example, which spell do you say the most?”
“Try saying that with this”, she handed over her wand to me.
I carefully examined the wand, which was made of Ash.
“Go ahead. Wave it”.

“Lumos”, I said with a flick of my wrist.
Nothing happened.
“Concentrate.. Say a bit louder.”

Then it came…the bright light on the tip of her wand. I was grinning from ear to ear.
“I did….magic”
“Good!”, she said encouragingly.
“Nox”…and it was out.

“You shouldn’t give your wand to others like this.”
“Heh..What are you gonna do? curse me? Try doing that!!”
My grin was so hearty as I returned her wand, that all my 32 teeth were showing.


At long last, the train hooted once again as we reached the Hogsmeade railway station.
I heard the voice I was looking forward to hearing…”Firs’ years, this way”

When the crowd of the students was gone, I saw some elderly people in cloaks standing there. There was none mistaking the lady in the front.
Jo said, “Meet the headmistress of Hogwarts, Prof…”
“Pleased to meet you Professor McGonagall”, I interrupted with a grin.
“Glad to have you aboard, Mr. Kilby”, she said without the slightest sign of “gladness” in her face.
I easily recognised Prof. Flitwick and Prof. Sprout (lots of dirt on her cloak).


“I will be very brief for the time as we have to hurry for the feast, Mr. Kilby.
Your first question will be why we invited you to Hogwarts.
We let you into our world because we want you to become our Muggle Studies professor. That is only one side of the story.

A few years after You-know-who jinxed the DADA class, Professor Dumbledore had requested him to lift that jinx. For that, he replied arrogantly, “I would lift the curse the day a muggle starts teaching in Hogwarts”, and walked off.
It took these many years for the International Convention of Warlocks to decide on improving wizard-muggle relationships. As a result, several amendments were made wherein muggles who were particularly inclined towards the wizarding world were allowed to actually see and live in it. We didn’t want to obliviate anyone unnecessarily.

Your induction as a Muggle Studies professor is an experimentation to see whether the DADA jinx is lifted or not.
“Prof. Eowyn Banks will be the DADA teacher this year”, she pointed to a charming blonde lady, who bowed to me. I smiled and nodded.
McGonagall continued, “Prof. Pithius, our present muggle studies teacher, is retiring this year, and he has kindly agreed to stay till this Christmas to give you the necessary training. You will be given a wand, which can be used to perform simple spells and defensive spells. You will learn about other basic things like using brooms and all. You will do your shopping later this week. Sorry we had to arrange all of this so fast.”

“Alright. But why me? Why not any other muggle?”
“Because you have the most wonderful kinds of magic inside you. Joanne noticed you when she came for the publication of her book, ‘Quidditch through the ages'”
“I was voluntarily working for Comic Relief at that time. I’d seen her. And she’s my favorite author”, I winked at Jo as I said this.
“She was impressed by your work for charity through laughter. Afterwards, we had several magical folks tailing you and we learnt that you had the greatest wish to be in the wizarding world. So we cleverly started showing a few hints for you to catch on and come here.”
McGonagall was smiling now.
Of course!!! All those things which I was seeing!!

“So what do you say, Mr. Kilby? Yes or No?”
“Mmmm. Let me think….Of course, yes!!”

I never stopped grinning. This day has been the most wonderful and unbelieve day in my life so far. By then, our horseless carriages had reached Hogwarts. I saw the white tomb. I closed my eyes in prayer for Dumbledore. Too bad I couldn’t meet him.

Inside the Great Hall, I witnessed the Sorting Ceremony, then got a very good applause from the students when Prof. McGonagall introduced me. It was time to go to bed soon.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to. If this was a dream, I didn’t want to wake up and realise that it was a dream. I wanted to live in that dream.



One morning, I went to the white tomb to pay homage to the greatest wizard of all time.

As I turned to go, I heard “Hello Janus.” It was Jo.

Again questions started erupting. Why did Snape kill Dumbledore?

“Jo, you are my best friend here in Hogwarts and everybody but me knows what happened to Harry Potter and others. Jo, I’m curious. Please tell me. What happened to Snape? Was he really a death eater or was it all a drama scripted by Professor Dumbledore?”

“The drama was in fact scripted by Snape himself. Didn’t you understand? It was Snape, not Voldemort, who was the main antagonist. Voldemort and Dumbledore were mere pawns in the clever game played by Snape. All of us believed that Voldemort was the main threat, while all the time, Snape was brilliantly manipulating everyone to emerge as the antagonist.”

“It…It doesn’t make sense.”
“Who overheard the full prophecy and conveniently forgot to say some major points of that to Voldemort? Snape!!
Who led Dumbledore into believing that he indeed was a spy for the Order? Snape!!

“Snape was the reason why Voldemort attacked on Harry and his parents and met his downfall in Harry. Snape was the one who killed Dumbledore.
Don’t you see it? Snape was playing the Order against the Death Eaters as mere pieces of a chessboard. Loss of either side would be a gain for him, because he wanted to get rid of both.

“Snape didn’t kill Harry on the night he killed Dumbledore, because he knew that only Harry could get rid of Voldemort. And the part of the story that you don’t know: Snape helped Harry in destroying the horcruxes and finishing off Voldemort himself. Now the main threats in his rise were removed. Except one. Harry himself.

“He cast the death spell on Harry. But Harry was again saved by the very same magic which had saved him earlier…Love. Ginny jumped in front of him. She wanted him to live from the deepest of her heart. Harry didn’t want her to die either. This mutual love and mutual magic which emanated from that created what we call Orbicular Bounding. It was old, nay, forgotten magic. The spell rebounded off the shield and hit Snape. Ginny was in St. Mungos for 5 months. She recovered, but had lost her flaming red hair. Her hair changed to a short silver and black color. They say it will be a permanent relic.”

“But is Snape vanquished? What if he too has a horcrux?”
“We can only hope that he doesn’t..that he’s gone for good,” Jo said, as we returned slowly into the castle.
A cuckoo was singing somewhere near the forbidden forest. It stopped singing suddenly. I turned back and saw the whomping willow moving ominously. Was it a sign of the end of happy days once again?

The Muggle Studies Professor – Part 1

If there was anything which I yearned to do, it was to live in the magical world among wizards and witches.
There was a time when I wished that somebody would just apparate in my room and tell me that I am a wizard. That, however, never happened. So, there I was, wasting precious time and a good life in some muggle nonsense in London.

One fine day, I was walking along the Charing Cross Road. I used to be excited whenever I came here, because this was supposed to be where the Leaky Caudron was. The Leaky Cauldron…the gateway to Diagon Alley. Did that ever exist? I never found out. For several years, I thought it was hidden by a Fidelius Charm, but now I gave up. This time I didn’t even bother to look around for the inn. But I knew I was alert anyway, because I noticed somebody tailing me. What was more, that person was wearing the most unlikely set of clothes I had ever seen. I turned around when I reached an open place (so that he couldn’t hide). But he was nowhere to be seen. It was as if he had vanished into thin air.

Days went by, and I forgot that incident. On September 1st, I had to go to Manchester. I took a ticket from King’s Cross Station. The train was coming in platform 8. After the explosions in King’s Cross, they had restructured the platforms. Now the barrier was between platforms 8 and 9. I remembered the times when I would feel the barrier around hoping to find some hidden entrance to platform 9 3/4.

I couldn’t resist a smile as I looked at the barrier. But the smile was momentary. Then I saw that…a piece of black cloak vanishing into the barrier. Totally grossed out, I took a step backwards. Then, almost involuntarily, I ran towards the barrier and touched it. It was solid. But I was so convinced that I took 10 steps backwards and started running towards the barrier. As I neared it, I closed my eyes, a part of my brain saying, “Fool! You are only going to get bruised and hurt.”
The collision with the solid mass of bricks was just milliseconds away…But it didn’t happen. I went on and almost collided with a jolly young couple who jumped in their seats. Then I heard it…the long whistle..I turned and saw a black and crimson steam engine. “Hogwarts Express” was written in big letters in that.

A dream come true..that indeed was. My joy knew no bounds.

Then I saw someone I knew. It was Jo (J K Rowling). I went up to her and asked, “What are you doing here?”
Although it was something rude to hear from a stranger, she seemed to understand what I meant and who I was.
She just replied, “I’m a witch.”
I introduced myself as a muggle who happened to get into platform 8 3/4 (It was renamed now!) by sheer chance. She smiled and said that she was about to board the train with her daughter to Hogwarts. It was her first year at school.

“So it exists..Hogwarts and all”
“What do you think? I made up a story so vivid in a few hours of train journey?”
“So what you wrote was a story based on your world which actually exists”
“No. I wrote a biographical story. Harry Potter is a real life character and is very much alive. He’s almost your age now, is an Auror with the ministry and is happily married to Ginny Weasley, who too is working in the ministry.”
“Oh I see”, I said very seriously as if I wasn’t amazed. But only I knew what was inside my mind….The greatest joy since I was ever born.

I asked, “Why are you going to the school?”
“I’m a teacher there. I teach potions.”
“Er…I hope everything is finished, Voldemort vanquished.”
“Why? You afraid?”
“Shoudn’t I be?”
“Don’t worry. He’s dead.”
“I’m still wondering how the gateway opened for me.”
“You’ll get to know. Let’s get on to the train.”
I was not a fool to refuse a ride aboard Hogwarts express.

As the train sped past the green meadows, I kept on looking alternately outside and Jo’s face. Jo’s daughter was playing with a Reusable Hangman. Jo was immersed in a book. On the front cover, I saw the words “Witch Weekly”

I got an opening to talk with Jo only when the familiar witch with the trolley came. After buying a few chocolates for her daughter, Jo asked, “So…how’s it feeling to be in wizarding world so far?”
“I still don’t believe it. You didn’t answer me. Why give me…a..a muggle a free trip to Hogwarts when the ministry is desperately trying to hide it from muggles?”
“Because you are going to get a chance to be a part of the wizarding world forever.”
“I..I don’t understand. I don’t have the slightest amount of magic in me.”
“But you have the love and belief in magic.”
“But what am I gonna do in the magical world? I’m no better than a squib.”
“There’s a seat vacant for a teacher in Hogwarts.”
“But I’m not even qualified to be a wizard, leave alone a teacher”
“We have a subject called Muggle Studies.”
“Heh…You think I will accept that?”, I asked.
She mocked me, “Heh. You think you will refuse an offer to live your dream?
“Wait for a few hours…The answers are coming….”

To be concluded…

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the characters or the articles mentioned in this story. They are owned by appropriate authorities

Why I’m a Harry Potter die-hard?

Saw this at a website, and I thought… how true, how true. My comments and addenda in blue

  1. You’ve learned to correctly pronounce Hermione. –That’s what I did first after I finished Philosopher’s stone back in 90’s.
  2. You own all the books and movies. – Yes. I do own all six books plus the two companion books plus all three movie DVDs plus the second and third HP games by EA sports.
  3. You bought the book at midnight, you were done by 2:30 – Well! not exactly, I bought it at around 9 am on the release date, because the shops opened only then in Bangalore. Stood in a queue. Took an auto back home (Rs. 50) Finished reading the book by 3 pm that day.
  4. When someone points a stick at you, you shout ‘Expelliarmus!’ – No. But I have shouted “Lumos” several times when there was an electricity cut.
  5. You can accurately describe a Blast-Ended Skrewt. – Yes I can. Because I’m a Hogwarts student in mind.
  6. You were completely devastated (cried for days) by the end of book 6. – I was devastated. I didn’t cry, because “Boys don’t cry”. But I didn’t believe what I read. I reread those pages over and over again; thinking that there was something wrong. Even after reading the book several times, I was trying to make up weird theories wherein Dumbledore will come back, at least as a ghost or portrait.
  7. Running into brick wall trying to find platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station – I wish I’d been there!
  8. You’re taking a Latin class just so you can come up with your own spells – Not a bad idea!
  9. Posted online review of latest book two hours after it went on sale – No! Being a fan, I didn’t want to spoil it for other fans.
  10. You end all sentences with “you muggle” – No. But I sure find myself more comfortable in the company of wizards and witches.
  11. You have successfully used owl post. – I don’t like owls. I like cats.
  12. You rave on and on about the great game of Quidditch. – You won’t believe me if I say I used to travel on broomsticks from the time I was in kindergarten. Yeah! My favorite game at that age was to hold a broomstick between my knees and running around singing a song. I don’t remember that song though! 🙁
  13. odd shaped scar on forehead from self inflicted wound – I have seriously considered doing this several times. But I was afraid =)
  14. You take an active interest in the characters’ love lives/futures. – Yes I dream about that a lot.
  15. When people say Harry Potter is dumb, you try to use the “killing curse” – Any doubt? I really get annoyed when people say Harry Potter is kids’ stuff. I refused to give HBP to my cousin when he asked it for reading because he once had said it was kids’ stuff. I even quipped “You are an adult, ain’t you? why do you want to read kids’ stories then?”
  16. You scream about the injustices of enslaved house-elves. – I’m not as mad as Hermione.
  17. You grinned at the kid at the queue on release date – Yes! Lotsa ppl were noticing me because I was wearing a custom printed HBP T-shirt on that day. A few ppl even came to me asking where I bought that T-shirt, because their kids were pestering them.
  18. You refuse to say Voldemort and instead refer to him as the Dark Lord. – No I call him Voldemort. Fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself.
  19. Installed covert surveillance at JK Rowling’s house to get scoop on next book – I want to keep her at gun point and making her write more series on the book. 🙂 Just kidding Jo, I love and rever you!
  20. You have tried every flavor of Bertie Botts currently available – I had bought 2 packets of Bertie Botts from US. And shared it with witches and wizards. I got earwax. Never got Vomit. (Not that I want to taste it! :D) Too bad it’s not available in India.
  21. You have untamed jet-black hair. – My original hair color is Jet-black; I’ve never dyed. And my hair sure is untidy; but not as untameable as Harry’s
  22. Look, for the tenth time, “flying” is not available on ANY of our car models – I’d prefer flying on a broomstick
  23. Spend hours by the window waiting for message from Hedwig – Not Hedwig! But owl from Hogwarts saying I’ve been selected into Hogwarts.
  24. Avada Kedavra you bumhole! – Don’t you remember? I’m the good guy!
  25. You refuse to eat anything other than chocolate frogs. – I’m not much of a chocolate-liking guy. I have made several snacks like Pumpkin juice, Treacle Tart, Pumpkin pasties and butterbeer at home.

Some of my custom facts to add to this:

  1. I have made a Harry Potter fanfic story which I’ve never shared with anybody. It’s a secret.
  2. How many times have I read and reread the books? Can’t say. Because I lost count 😀
  3. One of my blogger friends landed in Scotland only last week, and I’ve already started bugging her to visit and send snaps of the movie locations, Hogwarts express and all.
  4. Of course, visiting England, King’s cross, Hogwarts Express, Edinburgh castle etc are my life ambitions. 🙂

Gateway to the Wizarding World

One of my friends who’s also a member of FWW(The Infosys Harry Potter fan club) went to London and went to King’s Cross Station and yes… there is in fact a platform No. 9 ¾.

PS: Of course, he went a month before that bomb explosion in King’s Cross.

Whoa! The wizarding world does exist; we muggles just don’t see it!!! 🙁

Half-Blood Prince

First of all, don’t worry… There are no spoilers.

I bought my copy of HBP on Saturday itself and read it 3 times (Can you believe?) over the weekend. I knew someone important would die, not that I wanted them to, but never thought that it would be X (Name not revealed).

I don’t know why. All the good people in HP series have become something like a family to me. I dream of being in the magical world, being in Hogwarts, being friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione, being in The Burrow getting the selfless love and care from Mrs. Weasley.

You won’t believe if I tell you that I have “tweaked” the story in such a way that it squeezes in a few more characters. I rewrote the prophecy with another important character in it. He is going to be the foundation for The Chosen One’s victory. He is sort of an alter ego of Harry, with his parents too killed by Voldemort. And he too survived Voldemort. Voldemort wanted him because he was the secret-keeper of some weapon which his parents had invented. They did some ancient magic so that the details cannot be known if you killed him. Voldemort tries using an unknown curse, but it backfires. His aunt (His mother’s twin) is accused of double-crossing his parents and is sent to Azkaban for a crime she didn’t do (like Sirius). But he is unlike Harry in several ways.
1. He got the love of parents from the Weasleys who adopt him.
2. He is not very keen on rule-breaking adventures, although he is very loyal and ready to sacrifice for his friends.
3. He is very intelligent, not a book-worm like Hermione, but has a lot of talent.
4. He possesses an ancient and rare power to do magic without using wand or even uttering anything. It comes involuntarily for him usually when he is angry. (The ministry has no way of tracking this magic 🙂 The result is he knows (although he can’t recall) many spells which are unknown to the wizarding world.

This story is only in my mind. I can’t pen it, because I am a horrible author. I’ll ruin the good story in my mind because my hands are not as fast as my mind.