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The last weekend was a rally of events. First of all, I bought my brother a new computer. Got a really good config for a great price.
Athlon 64 3200+, MSI K8N Neo Motherboard, 1 GB DDR, GeForce 6200, DVD -RW, 80 GB SATA HDD, Creative 2.1 speakers…blah…blah…
Was able to learn a truckload of new things while setting up his computer. Talking about setting up computers, I love assembling computers and setting up softwares and LANs.
Anyway, there was this guy who was my brother’s classmate. He was bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance. Not that he was a quack..but he was an eyesore. Anyway, he was of use because he provided the Fedora core CDs.
I learnt more about SATA, and how to integrate IDE and SATA. Also I learnt something called slipstreaming (which can be used to automate XP installation) and in fact created a new XP boot disk with SP2 and the necessary 3rd party SATA drivers.
It was time for going home by then 🙁
At home, I finished another iteration of “The Bourne Identity” (I don’t recall how many times I’ve already read the book!)
Mom made lotsa snacks for Srikrishna Jayanti. Calls from relatives, lots of ’em…Was really happy hearing them after quite some time.
I didn’t stray out of home very much. Stayed at home and watched TV.
Saw Dhoom, Legally Blonde 2.
Saw Munnabhai MBBS and Devdas (both for the umpteenth time) in timeshared mode.
No good Mallu movies this weekend 🙁

Came back today morning with some snacks for friends.
Tried some registry tweaks in comp in the morning. Then came to office. Still in office…no work…that’s why I’m writing this blog!!!