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Deepak is an award-winning author of this blog. Really? Nah I’m just kidding. Nobody is deluded enough to give this blog an award.

“Deepak” means “light” in Sanskrit. (Actually means “lamp”, but reinterpreted for the next joke) Because his parents named him light, he struggles to gain weight.

He is a 20-something years old guy (much more mentally satisfying than saying 28) who went bonkers in 2008 when he decided to quit his well-paid job and go after grad school. He is currently doing almost done with his grad school in NC State University. He graduated in 2004 from National Institute of Technology Calicut, with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (Apparently! Anyway that’s what was written in the certificate) He thinks that he is generally very talkative, but people have two opinions about it, probably because he usually takes some time getting into a comfort level with people he newly meets. He also chooses to be the listener with more talkative people, but they are like..well..you know..they are rare. (He tried for 5 minutes to come up with a metaphor, and gave up)

He is a violinist. He has been wielding a violin since he was 8-year-old. (Not literally.. He keeps it inside the case once in a while.)

He has a list of permanent interests like singing, reading books, solving crossword puzzles. He has several other hobbies which come and go, like Rubik Cube, long drives, and general slacking.

Apart from that, he has some really irritating habits, which include making fun of people in general, correcting pronunciation and grammar of people(when his own pronunciation is far from perfect, with traces of “Mallu” accent), and cracking poor jokes. (He’s particularly proud about the third one. He can’t get sleep if he doesn’t get an “Arrgh” or “I feel like hanging myself” from at least one person each day!)

He is a Tamil-speaking-at-home dude born and brought up in Palakkad, Kerala. (Yes.. A Palakkad Iyer to be precise. Kyatch my pooooint?) His roots have been traced to Mayavaram in Tamil Nadu, but you gotta dig way too deep ( i.e. the 17th century? ) to reach there. So basically he calls himself either a Tamilian or Malayalee depending on the need of the hour.

Things he absolutely loves include Violin, India, Vedanta, and of course talking, both intellectual and stupid.

He apparently walks like a geek, but he doesn’t even know how that is done.

And, damn, he is getting really freaked, referring to himself in third person.

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